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          The Cutest (and Easiest!) Halloween Party Cake


          If we could still trick-or-treat and fill our own pillowcases with thousands of calories of candy, we would. No question. But apparently we're adults now, so Halloween needs to grow up a little bit too. Luckily it doesn't take much to throw together this spook-tastic centerpiece. And we have a sneaking suspicion it'll make you the star of the party.

          Ghost Halloween Cake

          Level: Easy

          For the Cake

          For the Ghost Toppers

          • White fondant (you can use store-bought or follow our recipe )
          • CMC fondant stabilizer
          • Edible glue
          • Small ball tool
          • CMC or tylo powder
          • Edible black sugar pearls
          • Halloween candy (optional)


          1. Prep the Cake

          After baking your cakes , stacking the layers and crumb coating , the decorating will only take a few minutes. You'll just need to frost with an orange buttercream and smooth the sides.

          2. Splatter the Black Paint

          Time for the black splatter effect! This is pretty easy — but before you get started, lay down parchment paper on the counter and tape it up on the walls. This gets a little messy.

          You can use a pre-made edible paint, or you can mix one up at home by combining some black gel color with a little vodka. Once you have it, dip a paintbrush into your edible black paint and flick it to create black splashes and flecks all around.

          3. Prep the Fondant

          Add some CMC fondant stabilizer your white fondant. As a general rule, use 1 teaspoon of CMC per 250 grams of fondant.

          4. Roll

          Roll a ball of fondant that's a little bigger than a golf ball. Let the heat from your hands help smooth it over and get rid of any cracks. Then start to taper the fondant ball at one end into a fat teardrop-like shape.

          5. Shape the Tip

          Continue to thin the tapered end by stretching and rolling it out. Then use the end of your paintbrush to curl the tip. Don't worry about consistency — it's cuter when all of these look a little different anyway.

          6. Add the Eyes

          Use your small ball tool to make indentations for the ghosts' eyes. Then add in a tiny amount of edible glue and attach the black edible pearls.

          Pro Tip

          Be careful not to add too much glue — it can seep out and stain your work, drip down your fondant pieces or make your eyeballs slide down. That's too spooky.

          7. Put Them On Top!

          Arrange all the ghosts on top of your cake and prepare to party!

          Need something even faster? Use a pre-bought cake and just make the ghosts. Or make the cake and top it with purchased Halloween goodies (like ghost Peeps!).

          If you've got some extra time or need a bigger cake, this can also be the top tier of a towering Halloween centerpiece.

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          The Cutest (and Easiest!) Halloween Party Cake