Weave the Cutest Yarn Wrap for Your Holiday Presents

If you've been wanting to get in on the weaving trend, this could be your moment: This yarn design is a cute and unique way to personalize any gift wrap — and you don’t need to be a well-versed weaver to pull it together.

DIY Woven Gift Wrap

What You Need

1. Wrap Your First Color

With your box already wrapped in the paper of your choosing, wind one color of yarn around it as many times as you like. Cut the yarn and tie the ends together — the knot should be on the bottom of your gift.

2. Wrap Your Second Color

Repeat this process using your second color of yarn, wrapping it around your gift in the opposite direction so the colors cross perpendicularly. Cut the yarn from the ball or skein. Instead of tying it onto your box, remove the yarn — you’ll tie it on, but not quite yet.

3. Weave In and Out

On the top of your box, begin threading your second yarn color through your first, weaving over and under each strand. When you reach the end of your first weave, loop the yarn underneath the box and begin your second weave.

It’s important to alternate how you start each weave to create contrast. So if you begin by threading under your first string, start your next weave by going above.

4. Tie It Together

Repeat this process and tie the ends together at the bottom of your gift. Once your yarn is securely tied, shift and arrange your weaves as far apart or as close together as you want. Then your present is ready for gifting!

November 04, 2018
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Weave the Cutest Yarn Wrap for Your Holiday Presents