The Sweetest DIY Place Cards


A memorable place card is the ultimate way to tell your guests how much they matter — especially when you make it yourself. Go sweet and delicate like the ones pictured here, or bring in a pop of bright color to complement your other party decor. Super easy, 100% original and sooooo pretty.

DIY Place Cards

What You Need

  • ½-¾-inch round hole punch
  • Paper place cards
  • Cotton fabric
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery floss
  • Sewing needle
  • Fine tip marker


1. Punch

Position the hole punch in the lower corner of a place card, making sure to leave space around all sides for the stitches. Punch.

2. Cut the Fabric

Cut a small piece of fabric that is slightly larger than the hole.

3. Thread Your Needle

Typical embroidery floss is made up of six strands, but for this tiny stitching you only need three. Cut a length of floss, then gently pull it apart lengthwise to create two pieces of three strands each. Thread the needle with one of these three-strand pieces, and tie a knot at the end. (Set the other piece aside to use next.)

4. Stitch

Hold the fabric behind the punched hole. Starting with the knot on the back of the place card, use even stitches to secure the fabric to the paper. Knot off at the end and trim the floss.

5. Personalize

Now just write the names of your guests in your best lettering , and it's time to party!

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The Sweetest DIY Place Cards