Decorating for Days! 10 Cute Cupcakes We Can't Wait to Make

These seriously adorable, crazy delicious cupcakes will have you wondering why you ever made full-sized cakes in the first place.

1. Cake On Cake

A tiny ombré cake on top of a cupcake? Yeah, we went there … and it’s the cutest thing ever.

2. All Smiles Here

Why text one when you can eat one? This fondant tutorial will walk you through making all your fave emojis.

3. Birds Of A Feather

Turn your rose petal cutter into an amazing flamingo wing-maker. This tutorial breaks it all down for you.

4. Make A Splash

Get all those pretty mermaid vibes with custom sprinkles, aqua-and-teal bark, and a jumbo swirl of buttercream.

5. Brunch #Goals

We took everything you love about cinnamon rolls and put it in a cupcake. And yes, these ARE breakfast-appropriate.

6. Lookin' Sharp!

Tiny terra cotta pots = the perfect place to plant some buttercream cacti.

7. Berry Delicious

Fancy pavlova, meet cute cupcake. Learn how to make your own meringue nests piled high with fresh whipped cream and berries, then pop 'em on top of a any cupcake.

8. Roasted What?

For the most delicious raspberry cupcake, roast the berries first. (Yep, we were amazed too.)

9. Lick The Spoon

Four words: Edible cookie dough frosting.

10. Macaron Magic

Two treats are always better than one, are we right? Nestle a sweet macaron into your frosting before finishing it all off with some edible glitter.

January 09, 2019
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Decorating for Days! 10 Cute Cupcakes We Can't Wait to Make