These 5 White Wedding Cakes Are Classics for a (Very Pretty!) Reason

Whether your wedding is all about those traditions or totally unique to you, it’s hard not to swoon over these gorgeous white cakes!

1. Load ‘Er Up

These three tiers are packed with 6 different border designs, plus add-ons like royal icing roses and blossoms. The beauty of this cake is in all the layers of details … you just keep piping, piping, and piping until you have a true masterpiece of texture and design.

2. Monochrome Magic

There’s a secret to all this perfect piping: Draw it out first with a tiny bit of black gel food coloring on a paint brush. Then, don’t forget to add some extra fun with molded white chocolate roses.

3. Ruffles On Ruffles On Ruffles

This is a great option for a bride who wants a chic, less-fussy look but also loves texture (and buttercream)! The ruffles get their dainty look thanks to the number 61 petal tip.

4. Bling It Out

It’s time to sparkle! This cake is decked out in what looks like real jewelry, thanks to a cool technique where you push tons of pearls and dragees into fondant.

5. Picture Of Elegance

If there’s not some lace, is it really a wedding? This traditional dress detail is also oh-so-pretty on a cake. Get the look by pressing lace molds into fondant and also making appliques out of cut-out flowers.

March 01, 2019
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These 5 White Wedding Cakes Are Classics for a (Very Pretty!) Reason