These 6 Painting Projects Are Pure Spring Vibes


The days are getting longer, and you know what that means... more daylight for painting! So grab a palette and get ready to bloom, big time.

1. Ah-mazing Apple Blossoms

Here's the thing about painting trees: It's not really about painting individual leaves (or, in this case, pretty pink flowers) across the entire tree. Instead, set up your center of focus, and gently dab your paint where it matters most.

2. Flowers in Water(color)

With all that layered texture, a vase of flowers might seem like an intimidating subject. But don't fret! This class helps you understand mass and shape, so you can really nail that complex composition.

3. Oil in Bloom

Pick your focal points, build shadows and highlights, be mindful of framing... you're gonna rock this painting (and all your oil creations afterward!).

4. Pretty Peony

Even though it has lots of detail, this project is still totally beginner-friendly. Learn to wield your brush like a magic wand to bring out the expressive shapes and dimension of this gorgeous bloom.

5. Watercolor daisies

Two words: Masking. Fluid. This project is crazy easy and a great way to experiment with masking if you're new to the technique.

We get it: Painting with watercolors can be challenging, especially if you're a newbie. Who out there can create a killer artwork the first time they try a new medium? Yeah, no one.

6. Go Outside

Painting in your home or studio is cool, but the ultimate spring project is getting outside and painting en plein air . This class shows you how to turn your own home city (or hometown!) into a watercolor work of art.

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These 6 Painting Projects Are Pure Spring Vibes