These 9 Celebs Love to Get Their Knit On


Not even super-busy celebs can say no to knitting. These stars have been known to pick up their needles on set, and a few have even spread their love of knitting to their co-stars.

Krysten Ritter

Knitting Cred: Krysten has been featured on the cover of Vogue Knitting, and she brought along yarn and needles to a Late Show appearance to teach host Stephen Colbert how to knit.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Knitting Cred: SJP knits during every spare moment, and was often spotted knitting on set in her Sex and the City day. She even had a knitting buddy: co-star Kristen Davis.

Julia Roberts

Knitting Cred: Julia Roberts is another one famous for knitting on set. She knits so much that her one-time co-star, Tom Hanks, decided to play a prank on her. He sent a production assistant out to buy 50 pairs of knitting needles and 50 skeins of yarn. When Julia came to set the next day, she was greeted by 50 people knitting away. Not everyone was a pro, of course, so Julia gave the beginners a quick how-to.

Ryan Gosling

Knitting Cred: Ryan Gosling learned how to knit while filming a scene for Lars and the Real Girl. While he says his scarves don’t always turn out as perfect rectangles, he does find knitting very relaxing.

Christina Hendricks

Knitting Cred: Christina learned to knit from a friend, and says she was addicted from the start. We've definitely spotted her knitting during interviews. Christina is also the cover model for the knitting book Heart Felt Knits by Tamara Mello.

David Arquette

Knitting Cred: Knitters were thrilled to see David on the cover of Celebrity Scarves 2: Hollywood Knits for Breast Cancer Research. In the book, David talks about his favorite scarf pattern and gives his grandmother props for teaching him the craft.

Dakota Fanning

Knitting Cred: Dakota Fanning says she learned to knit on a film set at the age of eight. These days she's pretty much a scarf-knitting machine, and claims she knits scarves for every director she works with.

Amanda Seyfried

Knitting Cred: Take a peek at Amanda’s Instagram and amidst red carpet and on-set photos you’ll see a knitting progress photo or two. Amanda has also been known to knit hats as gifts for her costars and the film crew.

Meryl Streep

Knitting Cred: Like most other knitting celebs, Meryl Streep constantly knits on set. She even knit the shawl that her character donned in Doubt. Meryl knitted on set so much that she inspired co-star Amy Adams to pick up the needles, too. Spread that knitting love, Meryl!

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These 9 Celebs Love to Get Their Knit On