These Apple Cake Pops Are Ripe for the Pickin'!

Whether you're feeling that crisp bite in the air or not, it's always apple-picking season, thanks to these adorable pops.

Basket of Apples Cake Pops

What You Need

  • Cake pop dough ready for shaping (bonus points if you get some apple flavoring in here)
  • Toothpicks
  • Sixlets candies in red
  • A green, flat, taffy-like candy (I used Airheads)
  • Light brown candy wafers, separated
  • Yellow candy wafers
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Waxed paper
  • Small ziplock bag for piping
  • Cake pop stand

1. Prepare the Dough

Line your work surface with waxed paper and portion the cake pop dough by using a cookie scoop. (This cake pop dough tutorial is great for making dough that’s easy to shape.)

2. Shape the Basket

To form each portion into a basket, roll it into a ball and then shape into a tapered log.

Tap each end against your work surface to flatten, then turn it to the side and roll it along your surface to smooth out the sides.

Pinch the edges of the top rim (the wider end) so they don't round out too much after dipping.

3. Add a Little Detail

Use a toothpick to create indents along the sides. Just press the toothpick down with a bit of pressure and roll it against the dough.

Use a Sixlet to create divots on the top. This'll be helpful after dipping because you'll know exactly where each "apple" will go, and the candies won't roll around in the wet candy coating.

4. Chill Out!

Refrigerate all of your pieces on a waxed paper–lined cookie sheet while you tackle the next few steps.

5. Cut the Leaves

Cut the green taffy candies into small diamonds. To shape, squeeze them between your fingers so they puff out a bit and the edges round.

6. Melt and Dip

First, brush up on cake pop dipping techniques if you need a refresher.

Melt equal parts light brown and yellow candy wafers in a microwave-safe bowl to give you a tan color. (Make sure to set aside some light brown candy in a ziplock bag to pipe the finishing touches later!)

Remove the cake forms from the refrigerator and let them stand in room temperature for a couple minutes to take the chill off. Dip a lollipop stick about ⅓" into the melted coating, then carefully push it into the cake until it’s about halfway into each basket.

Dip each basket into the tan coating and carefully shake off any excess. Use a toothpick to pierce any air bubbles.

7. Bring On the Apples

While the coating is still wet, place four Sixlet candies into the divots you created earlier. Put a green candy "leaf" in between each Sixlet "apple." Then place on a cake pop stand and let them dry completely.

Melt light brown candy wafers in a small, plastic ziplock bag. Once they're completely melted, snip away a corner (just a small cut will do). Carefully pipe candy into the inner part of the Sixlets to "glue" another apple over the four.

Add the Sixlet on top.

Dot light brown candy coating on the top of each apple to create stems.

8. Finishing Details

Once they're completely dry, pipe a ring around the edge of the baskets. You'll use this as your guide.

Use one hand to rotate the cake pop and the other to hold the piping bag still while squeezing to create a wicker effect around the neck, covering about a quarter of the way down the basket. Return your baskets to the cake pop stand and let dry completely.

December 30, 2018
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These Apple Cake Pops Are Ripe for the Pickin'!