These Body Weight Exercises Will Get You Seriously Toned


No gym membership? No equipment? No problem. Your own body weight is really all you need to get stronger. You've probably done moves like push-ups and planks before, but there are a whole host of no-weights-needed moves that can help you get fit from anywhere. So grab your — nothing! — and prepare to tone.

Wall sits: Legs and core

If you have walls, you have what it takes to strengthen your quads, hamstrings and glutes. Stand with your spine against a wall and lower your body so that your hips and knees are at a 90-degree angle and feet are shoulder-width apart. Push your lower back and shoulders firmly against the surface and hold. Also, don’t forget to breathe! Skiers and snowboarders often do this to increase their lower body endurance.

Mountain climbers: Abs and back

Get your heart rate up and burn lots of calories with this exercise that engages most of your muscles. Start in a push-up position with your hands below your chest, spaced out slightly wider than your shoulders. Keep your left leg in place and bring your right knee forward toward your right elbow. Return to a push-up position and repeat the process with your left leg. Squeeze your abs and keep your body in a straight line. When you’re comfortable, increase your speed.

Hollow-body hold: Core, core and more core

Known as the gymnast’s move, this will strengthen your core and improve stability. Lie on your back and press your lower back into the floor. Raise your shoulders and legs from the ground, extend your arms up above your head and point your toes. The more you lower your feet toward the floor, the harder it will be. Hold for 30-60 seconds, keep your abs and butt tight, and feel the burn.

Arm circles: Shoulders, back and arms

They sound basic, but when done regularly arm circles really can strengthen your back and shoulders. Extend your arms straight out to the side at a 90-degree angle to your torso. Slowly start to make small circles (and eventually medium and large circles) in a clockwise direction for about 10 seconds. Reverse the direction and repeat. (These are also a great way to warm up before an upper body workout.)

Whether you try all these moves or just one, it's smart to start slowly and gradually increase your speed and number of reps and sets. And always, always stretch before and after your workout.

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Melanie White
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These Body Weight Exercises Will Get You Seriously Toned