These Christmas Tree Cupcakes Look Fancy (But Are Actually Super Easy)


These fun Christmas tree cupcakes have a secret: there's an ice cream cone under there! That means you get to make a big splash at the holiday party with remarkably little stress.

Just grab a pastry bag with a simple star tip, mix up your pine-green icing, then scoop up some shredded coconut and let it snow!

How To Make Easy Christmas Tree Cupcakes

What you'll need:

  • Cupcakes baked in festive liners (we went for gold)
  • Sugar waffle ice cream cones
  • Green tinted buttercream
  • Sprinkles
  • Cream colored buttercream
  • Dried coconut shreds
  • Small closed star piping tip
  • Piping bags
  • Small sharp knife
  • Large plain round piping tip

1. Start with a base layer of buttercream

Pipe a thin layer of cream-tinted buttercream on your cupcakes using a large plain round piping tip. This will be the snow covered "ground" of your cupcake.

2. Add some "snow"

Dip and gently roll the top of your cupcake in a bowl full of dried coconut for a fake snow look. Set aside. (You can also amp this up by mixing in some white edible luster dust in with the coconut!)

3. Trim your cone

Using a sharp knife, gently trim down a waffle cone. (You'll want to make it small enough that the base doesn't cover your whole cupcake, and lets the layer of snow show around the edges.)

4. Place the cone

Gently nestle your trimmed ice cream cone into the center of your buttercream-piped cupcake, making sure not to press too hard.

5. Pipe the tree

Grab a piping bag fitted with a closed star tip (though you can use a leaf tip or even a grass piping nozzle if you prefer). Fill the bag with green buttercream and begin adding the boughs to your tree. Start at the very bottom and work your way around to the top so that the buttercream "foliage" layers over each row as you work upward.

6. Jazz 'em up

At this point you can add any decorations you like to the top of your piped Christmas trees, like cute gingerbread star cookies or even small fondant angels. Or keep it simple with nothing more than a dusting of coconut snow.

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These Christmas Tree Cupcakes Look Fancy (But Are Actually Super Easy)