These Dollhouse Makers Will Blow Your Mind


Get ready to go small or go home. Ever since Chip and Joanna Gaines brought their modern farmhouse style to a dollhouse , the world of tiny home decor has been blowing up on social media. These insanely skilled makers are filling dollhouses with everything from furniture to artwork to hand-woven rugs that you’d SWEAR are right out of a West Elm catalog. Follow these 5 miniature accounts on Instagram — you’re going to wish you could move right in.

Melissa Piombo at @smallfunshop

Everyone needs a good dose of #MondayMotivation sometimes… even dolls! Melissa Piombo makes wall hangings with fun sayings like “stay wild,” “be nice” and “dance all night.” Paired with her mini art prints, these tiny statement pieces add up to a big cool factor.

Tracy Ealdama at @urthlings

Mini wall art, modern furniture and pops of color: This is the feed where minis meet boho chic. But we also love Tracy’s emphasis on family, and the kids who inspire her work. You’ll see her nod to this with creations like a unicorn rocking “horse,” indoor swings and — so cute — a tiny doll parent carrying an even tinier doll baby.

Kwandaa Roberts at @TinyHouseCalls

This OB/GYN delivers babies by day, and the coolest dollhouse DIYs by night! Her magic is all in the details: She’ll upgrade mini furniture by dip-painting it, wire up light fixtures with battery-operated bulbs so they really work and spruce up scenes with tiny flowers from Thailand.

Bethan Rees at @Little_Lucciola

Bethan serves up tiny creations to go! Her portable dollhouses are made inside small cardboard suitcases, which fold out to reveal gorgeous scenes. Open it up and you might find a secret garden patio complete with a climbing trellis and dinner cooking on the grill. Or you might unlatch a blue case to find a kid’s bedroom with built-in bunks and trendy birch-tree wallpaper.

Judy Carroll at @mossandcable_miniatures

If your style's more French country than mid-century, you’ll want to take a scroll through this feed. Judy’s more traditional (but far from old-school) take on miniature making includes lots of homemade tiny plants paired with vintage pottery finds. She’ll also show you how she upgrades all sorts of pre-made dollhouse furniture to fit the project she’s working on.

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These Dollhouse Makers Will Blow Your Mind