These Knit + Crochet Critters Are Made for Cuddles


Stuffed animals get even better when you make them yourself. The next time you need a gift for a baby shower or child's birthday, stitch up one of these cuties. And if you have trouble letting go, we get it. Go ahead and just make two.

Knit Elephant

A gentle giant that fits in the palm of your hand? Yes, please! Use double-point needles to knit in the round as you stitch up the head, body, arms and legs. And as if this elephant weren't cute enough on its own, there's even a tiny sweater pattern.

Baranby Bear

A classic amigurumi bear is made even cuter with kawaii details. Crochet the body in the round, then add eyes and a nose to complete the look.

Huggable Hippo

If there's anything more adorable than a knit hippo, we don't want to know. If this guy looks familiar, it's because the pattern is essentially the same as the elephant above, with just a few tweaks. You should probably knit both.

The (No-So) Itty-Bitty Giraffe

This floppy friend will having you knitting the round, using both circular and double-point needles. It's hard to pick a favorite feature, but we can't stop staring at that pom-pom mane.

Fine, Feathered Friend

You won't regret letting this little guy take you under his wing. Simple crochet stitches and a little bit of amigurumi know-how are all you need to take flight.

If there's anything more adorable than a crocheted duckling, we don't want to know. From the tuft of hair on the top of his head, all the way down to his little duck toes, each stitch is is more adorable than the last. And If you're new to amigurumi, no sweat: this little guy use simple stitches and a bit of seaming to make the magic happen.

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These Knit + Crochet Critters Are Made for Cuddles