These 12 Rainbow Crafts Are Here to Make Your Day a Little Brighter


Rainbows, rainbows everywhere — and all of them you can make! Bust out your favorite crafting supplies and catch the colors all weekend with these fun projects.

1. Sud’s Up!

Shower time just got a lot more colorful! Even if you’ve never made your own soap before, this method is super beginner-friendly and makes for a great girls' night activity.

2. Felt For All

Your kids are gonna want to make one of these for everyone they know. Good thing all it takes is felt, pom poms and some simple embroidery stitches .

3. Perfect Pants

Use a white colored pencil and a curved object — a bowl or a frisbee works! — to sketch out rainbows on those back pockets. Then grab a needle, some floss and have at it!

4. Ruffle It Up

Your petal tip is the star of this oh-so-tasty show! Pro tip: practice your piping on waxed paper before decorating your actual cake.

5. A Bright Block

Learn to cut and piece diamonds with this colorful take on a Lone Star block. Bonus: You can easily sew it up without any Y-seams .

6. Stamp It Out

The more stamps, the better! Layer up rainbow-colored stamps for a cool ROY-G-BIV effect on a handmade snail mail card. They key is to let each hue dry before moving on to the next.

7. Nature’s Bounty

If rainbow succulents are wrong, we don’t want to be right. Learn to plant the most colorful sprouts for a show-stopping arrangement.

8. Cute Tee, Please!

You can do basically anything with a DIY stamp, and the one for this T-shirt is made with simple cording and a glue gun.

9. Colors That Pop

Say hello to pie you can easily eat on the go! Bonus: this recipe works better with store-bought dough, so you can save time making the basics.

10. Go Big!

If you're ready to take your rainbow love to the next level, this quilt is for you! Use our guide to cut and piece lots of colorful bias tape arcs, then join 'em and stitch to the background. You'll be an appliqué #boss in no time.

11. Add Color to Your Wall

Only four steps stand between you and this cheery rainbow hanging. Not only does it add sooo much whimsy to your wall, it's also a great way to bust your yarn stash!

It’s hard to pass up a project that makes use of your gorgeous yarn stash. (Or gives you an excuse to buy more. No judgment!) And it doesn’t hurt that this one plays off the cheeriest trend ever: Rainbows! Jo Gick, of season 1 of NBC’s Making It, breaks down the easy DIY right here.

12. A Cake That Never Grows Stale

How cute is this cake?? Grab your hooks, stock your yarn and follow our pattern to make your own sweet amigurumi.

Every day is the right day for rainbow cake! Clever color changes and dollops of faux icing make this the easiest layer cake you've ever made. Put down your fork, pick up your hook and dig in!

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These 12 Rainbow Crafts Are Here to Make Your Day a Little Brighter