This Doodle Cake Is SO Cute and Kid-Friendly

Forget the pressure of decorating a last-minute cake. Instead, play it cool by making a crisp white cake and helping your kids doodle some fun illustrations and heartfelt messages across it!

This also makes a great interactive party idea for the kiddos. It's ridiculously easy, and no two cakes ever turn out the same.

Doodle Cake

Level: Easy

What You Need


1. Cover the Cake

Once you've baked your cake and let it cool, add a crumb coat and let it chill. Then drape the fondant over your cake , covering it completely and smoothing out any wrinkles.

2. Wait for the Fondant to Dry

The best fondant surface to begin doodling on is a dry and slightly hardened one, so never start your scribbling on a freshly iced cake. If the fondant's too soft, you'll just end up dragging or poking your edible markers into the cake. Not good.

We kept our iced cake out of the fridge (and in a cool, dark room) and waited around 5 hours before even thinking about getting our markers ready.

Good to Know

You don't have to use a white fondant-iced cake. Pale colors work well too. Just keep it light so your doodles are visible.

3. Doodle Outlines in Black Marker

Use a black edible ink pen to doodle the outlines of all your illustrations. We chose a party theme and drew balloons, cupcakes, streamers, drinks and cake onto the surface. You can let kids do this themselves, or just let them color things in after this step is done.

Pro Tip

There's no wrong way to doodle on a cake, and you can always get creative if something gets fudged: turn a balloon into a lollipop or an accidental line into an exclamation point or a cupcake. If you make a bigger mistake than drawing can fix, cover up your mishap with a fondant cut-out.

Once the outlines are drawn, leave your cake to sit for a little bit so the black ink can dry properly. Around 30 minutes should be okay, but make sure to test. Letting your black edible marker dry lessens the chance of the black bleeding into other colors. If you're doing this at a kids' birthday party, now's a great time to whip out the pizza and chow down.

4. Fill In the Outlines!

Let's get back to it! Now you can fill in your fun shapes and drawings with some color. Make sure to be gentle with your markers since they can dig into your cake if you push too hard. (You might have to help kids here to make sure they don't apply too much pressure.)

A few things to keep in mind: you can create the illusion of different tones by coloring in shapes or words with lines or even tiny dots. This is handy if you're a little limited on marker colors. Also, using a small color palette makes the cake easier and quicker to finish, and it also helps your illustrations stick to a fun theme.

When you're done, the cake is ready to serve!

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Fun fact: fondant can do so. many. things. Discover more about working with this tool in our class Basic Fondant Techniques .

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December 16, 2018
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This Doodle Cake Is SO Cute and Kid-Friendly