This Magical DIY Wedding-Cake Stand Will Make You Say I Do (Want One!)

Your guests are here for the most romantic day of your life, plus a little slice of the dreamy wedding cake . Us? We're here for the cake stand.

If you want to make a stand that's as magical as the cake itself — and has everyone asking "How did you do that?!" — we're about to show you. The beauty of it is, it's not even that hard.

You can adapt the technique in this tutorial for any style of cake, just by varying the molds you use for the fake "legs." You can go with sleek molds for a modern cake if you'd like, or nature-inspired ones for a quirkier cake. The silicone molds in this tutorial are classic and ornate, which is just right for the elegant, traditional wedding cake in these images.

How to DIY a Cake Stand

What You Need

  • Covered and trimmed cake board (at least 2 sizes larger than bottom tier)
  • 6-inch- or 8-inch-thick round cake board or drum, trimmed with ribbon
  • Melted white chocolate or royal icing
  • Covered dummy tier (bottom tier)
  • Ornate silicone molds
  • Gum paste (Learn to make your own)
  • Non-stick surface or mat
  • Rolling pin
  • Pastry cutter
  • Edible glue
  • Food-safe paintbrushes
  • Silver or gold edible paint

1. Set Up the Base

To start, you'll need a large cake board that's covered, trimmed and ready to use. The fondant on your board should be nice and firm, or you'll risk squishing or denting it as you work. It's definitely a good idea to ice and trim your board a few days in advance.

Your small round cake board (aka drum) can be either 6 inches or 8 inches round, depending on the size of your base tier. For this cake, we're using a 10-inch square base and a 6-inch circle.

Wrap the round board with a ribbon trim that matches your cake. We're using white ribbon for a white cake, but if your cake or base tier is darker, use a matching color.

Swirl a little melted white chocolate or royal icing in the center of the main cake board. This will hold the smaller board in place.

Place your smaller thick board on top, and leave it there for a few minutes to dry or set a bit before you continue.

2. Add the Dummy Tier

Put another swirl of melted white chocolate or royal icing on top of your small cake board.

Set your dummy base tier on top of the round cake board, making sure it's centered and level.

Using a high-quality dummy cake is the move here, since a good one will keep the real cake on top more stable. You'll also minimize the risk of the base tier curving at the outer edges.

3. Attach the Fake Legs

Now you can start in on the fun, decorative part of this whole process. Using silicone molds and gum paste, create the "feet" for your fake cake stand. Make four identical versions of the mold and use edible glue to attach one to each corner.

After you attach the legs, you'll need to add strips of gum paste around the edge to create the plate part of the cake stand. Roll out the gum paste into long, thin strips. Now measure the space between your gum paste "legs," and cut those strands to size. Place them around the edge using edible glue.

4. Make It Shine

Now, paint your gum paste elements. For this cake stand, we're using glam gold, but you can use silver or any color that creates the effect you want.

And boom! Now you've got a cake stand that truly elevates (pardon the pun) the gorgeous wedding cake it's holding.

February 19, 2019
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This Magical DIY Wedding-Cake Stand Will Make You Say I Do (Want One!)