This Method of Joining Yarn Ends is Pure Magic


Eventually all things in this world come to an end — and that includes skeins. So yes, at some point in a knitting project you may need to join two ends of yarn together. You'll have even more joining to do if you’re working on a multi-color project and need to switch yarns mid-skein.

There are many ways to join two yarn ends together, but my personal go-to is the Russian join. It’s barely noticeable yet extremely secure. It creates a clean break between colors (no weird two-tone spots). And … wait for it … you aren’t left with any ends to weave in later!

Plus, you can use the Russian join with any type of yarn. It's more versatile than the spit splice (yes, it uses actual spit), which only works with animal-fiber yarn.

Let me show you how to make a Russian join and maybe it'll become your go-to, too.

How to Make a Russian Join

What You Need

  • Yarn needle
  • Two strands of yarn to join
  • Scissors

1. Thread the Needle

Thread the yarn needle with one strand of yarn, leaving about a 4-inch tail.

2. Loosen the Yarn

Gently loosen the spirals or plies of the yarn on the side coming out of your project.

3. Slip the Needle Through the Strand

Weave the yarn needle about 2 inches through the loosened strand of yarn , then poke it back out; the yarn needle should go right through the center of all the plies, invisible from all sides. If your yarn is one-ply, just wiggle the needle right through the center of the fibers.

4. Pull the Tail Through the Loop

You should now have a little loop in your yarn. Holding that loop with your fingers, pull the tail through the plies and remove the needle.

You should now have a yarn end with a little loop. It probably looks messy right now, but don't worry — we'll neaten things up later.

5. Thread the Second Yarn

Thread the yarn needle with the second strand of yarn, leaving about a 4-inch tail. Slide the needle through the loop you just made with the first strand of yarn.

6. Weave In the Second Yarn

Weave the second yarn through the center of itself for about 2 inches, just like you did with the first strand of yarn.

7. Pull!

Pull the yarn needle through the plies.

8. Neaten Things Up

You now have two joined pieces of yarn. Pull gently on each strand to smooth out the plies. It’s okay if your join is a little bulky; just try to make it as smooth as possible.

9. Trim and Smooth

Use scissors to trim the short ends of the yarn that are hanging, then smooth out the strands a bit more.

Where there were two, there is now one. Take a bow!

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This Method of Joining Yarn Ends is Pure Magic