This No-Hassle Tassel Will Make You a Gift-Wrapping Star

Forget about run-of-the-mill bows; tassels are WAY more crafty. We love 'em on gifts, but they're super cute hanging on a wreath, tree or garland too!

DIY Tassel Topper

What You Need

  • Yarn (any weight will do!)
  • Scissors

1. Wrap It Up

Drape your yarn across all four fingers, so the end falls just below the side of your hand. From there, begin wrapping the yarn (still attached to your ball or skein) around your fingers. Keep looping the yarn again and again until your hand is thickly wrapped. Then cut the yarn from your ball.

2. Loop and Tie

Carefully slide your fingers out of the wrap, making sure that the yarn keeps its shape. Cut a generous length of yarn from your ball, loop it through the center of your wrap and tie it off. Double-knotting will help the tassel be more secure!

3. Tie Off the Tassel’s Top

Cut a shorter length of yarn and tie it tightly around the top fourth of your tassel. Again, double loop and double knot so it’s held together well. Once this tie is made, trim any extra yarn from the knot. The top of your tassel should have a tight poof shape.

4. Snip and Trim

Use your scissors to snip along the bottom of your wrap of yarn. Trim the strands to polish up the shape and make sure there aren’t any stragglers hanging lower than the rest of the yarn.

Make as many as you like, tie the wherever you want and enjoy that oh-so-festive feeling!

November 04, 2018
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This No-Hassle Tassel Will Make You a Gift-Wrapping Star