This Summer's Hottest Home Decorating Trends


Home may be where the heart is, but it's also where you can show off your style in a big way. So when it's looking outdated, you feel it. Whether you're ready for a big remodel or just have the time to hang up some new art, start by exploring these hot home trends. Happy decorating!

1. Textured Embellishments

We just can’t stop the macrame! This trend blew up in 2018 and it’s still going strong. Give your room boho vibes with a handwoven wall hanging, macrame plant holders or bobble throw pillows . (Bonus points if you use the misty pink yarn — blush is another huge trend right now!)

This dip-dye wall hanging is going to make your DIY decor dreams comes true — seriously! We're talking no hassles, and alllll the tassels. And if you can make a knot (or two), you've basically got all the skills you need.

2. Open Storage

Open yourself up to new possibilities with open storage concepts. It’s the latest and greatest kitchen trend, but don’t rule it out in other rooms of the house. More people are embracing open closets, using standalone clothing racks to display their favorite outfits. Or build some floating shelves — like this unique mountain design!

3. Tropical Foliage

Tropical plants are having their moment in the spotlight — people can’t seem to get enough of the big, luscious leaves of Monsteras and majesty palms. Don’t worry if you have a brown thumb, though. You can still enjoy the aesthetic of vibrant greenery, as foliage-inspired prints are equally popular. Try them on cushions, pillows, linens or embroidery designs.

4. Mid-Century Modern Decor

Love it or hate it, you have to admit mid-century decor has a distinct look. We’re feeling the nostalgia for tan, buttery leather sofas and terrazzo prints lately, as retro pieces continue to make a comeback. If you’re not ready to commit to a major furniture piece, how about some DIY starbursts on the wall?!

If you’re all about those mid-century modern vibes, you’ll love these geometric starburst wall hangings that add a pop of drama to any corner. We opted for luxe gold, but these can feel as glamorous — or as funky — as you like, depending on how you play with color.

5. Statement Ceilings

Goodbye statement walls, helloooo statement ceilings! Ceilings often go ignored, but it’s time to mix things up a bit. Put up some bold patterned wallpaper or paint to instantly transform your space. You can even use peel-away wallpaper if you’re hesitant to make the leap.

6. Bold Art

While muted color palettes had the spotlight for a while, we’re seeing a return to bold, bright color. Even if you keep your overall space in a soft palette (think sage, marigold and spruce blue), pops of color are a must. Hang some colorful abstract art on your walls, or make a statement with other eye-catching decor (like a resin-painted clock !)

7. Nods to Nature

This summer, we’re all about bringing Mother Nature indoors. Whether we’re building indoor gardens , decking out our space with shades of green or choosing wooden furniture, sustainability is the focus. You can build this headboard from some plyboard, and it’s totally easy to upcycle it into wall art later.

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This Summer's Hottest Home Decorating Trends