This Summer's Hottest Home Decorating Trends


Home may be where the heart is, but it's also where you can show off your style in a big way. So when it's looking outdated, you feel it. Whether you're ready for a big remodel or just have the time to throw up some new art, start by exploring these eight hot home trends. Happy decorating!

1. Textured embellishments


Sleek, modern accessories are so last year. According to the Pinterest 2018 Home Report , boho decorations are incredibly popular this summer. Give it a try with a handwoven wall hanging, macrame plant holders or fringe-covered throw pillows. Don’t be afraid to pair different textures together for added interest!

2. Muted color palettes

A fresh coat of paint can be a total game changer for a boring room. If you’re thinking about taking that brush to the wall, consider soft and muted tones. Popular paints right now include sage, spruce blue, marigold and blush pink, according to Behr .

3. Geometric patterns


See things from a new angle by adding geometric accents to your home. Unique geometric tiles, wallpaper, and even artwork are trending right now. Go all-out with a new tile backsplash in the kitchen or just dabble in the idea with a geometric poster. It’s up to you!

4. Mixed metal accents

Can’t choose between silver, gold, and copper hardware? Then don’t. According to Pinterest, more people are embracing a mixture of metals and incorporating different finishes into their home. You can even include multiple metals in the same space for a unique, eye-catching design. Don't forget to include the hottest metal of all: rose gold!

5. Open storage

Open yourself up to new possibilities with open storage concepts. PureWow explains that open shelving is the latest and greatest kitchen trend, but don’t rule it out in other rooms of the house. More people are embracing open closets, using standalone clothing racks to display their favorite outfits.

6. Tropical foliage

Tropical plants are having their moment in the spotlight — people can’t seem to get enough of the big, luscious leaves of Monsteras and majesty palms. Don’t worry if you have a brown thumb, though. You can still enjoy the aesthetic of vibrant greenery, as foliage-inspired prints are equally popular. Try them on cushions, pillows, linens, and even wallpaper.

7. ‘70s-inspired decor

Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit ‘70s decor has a distinguishable look. People have been feeling a bit nostalgic for tan, buttery leather sofas and terrazzo prints lately, as retro pieces continue to make a comeback. We have to admit, a tan leather sofa would look great with a textured, boho pillow!

8. The Swedish concept of “lagom”

First it was hygge, then it was wabi-sabi. This summer, the latest international home design trend is called “lagom,” which means “not too much, but not too little” in Swedish. While not a defined decor style, lagom is more about finding balance in your home, according to ABC News . For instance, you should declutter to the point that you feel satisfied — not pressure yourself to get rid of everything. You can apply this same concept to decorating, adding pieces until you feel content, not feeling obligated to mimic other people’s style. You do you!

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This Summer's Hottest Home Decorating Trends