This Tunisian Crochet Headband Will Banish Bad Hair Days


If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly Tunisian crochet pattern, this is a great one! The pattern uses the Tunisian simple stitch , which is easy enough for newbies. The stitch is different than traditional knit and crochet stitches — it creates a dense but flexible weave. Stitch it up with wool for a cozy winter accessory, or give cotton yarn a try for a warm-weather version.

What you need:

Pro tip: This headband is really easy to customize. Make your starting chain longer or shorter to change the width, and crochet to whatever length you need to fit.

1. Make your starting chain

Chain 18 stitches (or the number of stitches you need for your desired width).

2. Work the foundation row

The foundation row is the equivalent of the cast-on in knitting. As with all Tunisian crochet, it's made up of a forward pass and and return pass. Need a refresher? Head here .

3. Crochet Tunisian simple stitch

This headband is crocheted entirely using the Tunisian simple stitch . It makes a stiff, dense fabric — just the thing to keep ears protected from howling winter winds.

Continue working until the headband is the right length for your noggin (or whomever you're making it for!). For an adult female, I made mine about 19-1/2" long.

Pro tip: Make your your finished length about an inch shorter than your actual head measurement. No one wants a headband that won't stay put.

4. Bind off

When you've reached the length you need, bind off your stitches with a slip stitch bind-off. Cut the yarn, and leave a tail about 2 feet long.

5. Seam the ends

Bring the two short ends of the headband together and use your tail to sew them closed with a whip stitch.

Then, using the same tail, thread your needle through the seam, weaving it in and out. Pull tight to cinch your seam and give the headband a bow shape.

6. Hide the seam

Remove the darning needle from your yarn tail and start wrapping the yarn around your cinched seam. Keep wrapping, hiding your seam as you do. When your out of yarn, weave in your end, and that's it!

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This Tunisian Crochet Headband Will Banish Bad Hair Days