This Summer's Biggest Cake Decorating Trends



Cake decorating, like fashion, changes every single season. These are the gorgeous styles blowing up our feeds this summer.

1. Intentionally imperfect


The surprisingly understated royal wedding cake created nearly as much commotion and commentary as the event itself! Copy the messy-on-purpose look by generously frosting your cake with luxurious buttercream and not bothering to smooth it.

2. Gold leaf


Edible leaf has clearly sashayed to the front of the bakery case this summer. On thinly applied buttercream especially, this look feels both modern and vintage-mirror-y.

3. Purple power

Pantone's Color of the Year always makes a big impact on cake styles. We see 2018's color, ultra violet (and its lighter, sweeter cousin, lavender), appearing everywhere these days in both starring and supporting roles. We love how this bold cake feels like a watercolor project.

4. Cakes as modern art


With sharp, architectural lines and shapes these strong cakes would fit right in at a contemporary art museum. Just be prepared to think like an engineer as you build your cake (hidden supporting structures are your friend!).

5. Faux stone


What started with geode cakes and marbled fondant has now evolved into lifelike stone textures. These beautiful surfaces offer the perfect mix of masculinity, loveliness and sophistication.

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This Summer's Biggest Cake Decorating Trends