Three High-Noon Hacks for Great Photos — Even in Harsh Light

Here comes the sun … and there goes your great photograph. Taking pictures under bright, clear skies is definitely a challenge. That’s why the “ golden hours ” — early morning or dusk time when the sun is low and the light is warm — are serious photography goals. But not every picture-worthy event or moment is planned around your lighting needs. Consider these tips your SPF; they’ll save your photos from those rays.

Tip #1: Find some shade

Don’t throw shade, seek it out! Spots under tree cover or shielded by a building offer even, soft light that’s easy to work with. Take these black-eyed susans, for example, which look awesome against the weathered wood siding on the shady edge of the building.

Tip #2: Forget the color

Harsh shadows and harsh light? This is a job for black and white! This method will make the most of the cool contrasts, like shadows in fresh snow.

Tip #3: Blend the exposure

Photographers seem to have a love it or hate it mentality when it comes to HDR. But this option, which allows you to capture detail in both the highlights and shadows, can be a life-saver. Case in point: Without HDR, you’d never be able to capture this whole bridge in focus during the middle of the day.

September 09, 2018
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Three High-Noon Hacks for Great Photos — Even in Harsh Light