Make a Blizzard of Fondant Snowflakes Without Any Molds or Cutters


Here’s a real winter treat: snow you don’t have to shovel, trek through or clean off your car! These sweet snowflake decorations are made of fondant and don’t require any special cutters. (They do require some patience, but the results are #worthit.)

Fondant Snowflakes

What You Need

  • White fondant
  • CMC powder
  • White pearl edible luster dust (optional)
  • Edible glue
  • Food-safe paintbrush


1. Prep the Fondant

Work a tiny amount of CMC powder into your fondant. (1/2 teaspoon per 250g of fondant is a good rule of thumb!)

2. Roll It Out

Roll small amounts of fondant into tapered ropes, as shown. These are going to be the "arms" of your snowflake, and you'll need to make six for each one.

Roll out 12 smaller ropes of fondant, and use a dab of edible glue to attach them to the sides of each of the 6 longer ropes.

3. Let 'Em Rest

Give your fondant parts about 30 minutes to set in a cool, dark spot.

4. Assemble Each Flake

Once the fondant feels a little firmer, take some edible glue and attach the ends together to form your circular flake.

5. Add the Center Details

Take small amounts of fondant and shape into teardrops. (You'll need six of these per snowflake.)

Attach and pinch the thinner ends of the teardrops together to form V shapes. Use a little edible glue to stick them in place.

6. Finish It Off with a Little Sparkle

When dry, add edible pearl luster dust for some shimmer and shine. Then place these hand-crafted beauties on top of cupcakes and cakes and enjoy!

Looking for more frosty fun? Our melting snowman cupcakes and cake will also help you flex your fondant muscles in wintry style.

All images courtesy of Juniper Cakery

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Make a Blizzard of Fondant Snowflakes Without Any Molds or Cutters