How to Treble Crochet + Make Extra Tall Crochet Stitches

The treble crochet stitch is one of the basic stitches in crochet . Most beginners learn to crochet with the single crochet or double crochet stitch, and learning the treble crochet is a great next step for expanding your crochet skills!

The treble crochet works the same way as other crochet stitches, with a few extra steps that make it taller. This tall stitch works up quickly and creates a more open, loose design that the shorter basic crochet stitches.

What is a treble crochet stitch?

Treble crochet is also called triple crochet and is abbreviated tr. The treble crochet is a basic crochet stitch that begins with two yarn overs, which add extra height to the stitch.

For this article, we're refering to the American crochet term  for treble crochet. The British treble crochet is equivalent to the American double crochet. The stitch we're demonstrating in this post is typically called the double treble in British crochet patterns.

How to treble crochet step-by-step

The treble crochet is worked exactly like the double crochet except that it begins with two yarn overs instead of one.

If you're starting a swatch with treble crochets, you'll make your first stitch into the fifth chain from the hook. When turning at the end of the row, make four turning chains.

Step 1: Yarn over twice

Step 2: Insert hook into stitch

As you can see, you're doing exactly what you would with a double crochet stitch, except that you have two yarn overs on your hook.

Step 3: Yarn over and pull up a loop

You should now have four loops on your crochet hook.

Step 4: Yarn over and pull through two loops

You should now have three loops on your crochet hook.

Step 5: Yarn over and pull through two loops

You should now have two loops on your crochet hook.

If this had been a double crochet stitch, you'd now be done, with only one loop remaining on the hook. But because this stitch has an extra yarn over at the beginning, we have to keep going!

Step 8: Yarn over and pull through both remaining loops

And there you have it — you have worked your treble crochet stitch.

A few tips for better treble crochets

Repeat the directions above to make an entire row of tr stitches.

When you get to the end of the row, crochet 4 turning chains to start the next row.

Treble crochet in rows or rounds, just like any other basic stitch. As with those other stitches, you could also work it in the front loop only, back loop only or even around the post. Since treble crochet is a tall stitch, it works really well as a post stitch  and comes in handy when  crocheting cables .

Want to go taller than treble crochet?

As you might have guessed, the more yarn overs you do before starting your crochet stitch, the taller it will be. You can also go taller than the treble crochet by adding additional yarn overs.

Take a look at the top row of crochet stitches in the photo above. From left to right, there are three single crochets, three double crochet stitches, three treble crochet stitches and finally three double treble crochet stitches. The latter has three yarn overs to start instead of two. Once you know how to treble crochet, you can work any of the taller basic crochet stitches.

April 07, 2018
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How to Treble Crochet + Make Extra Tall Crochet Stitches