What Tunisian Crochet Supplies Do You Need?

Putting together the right set of Tunisian crochet supplies will make it easier and more enjoyable to practice this fun niche of a traditional craft. In addition to the basic crochet supplies, you'll need a few special tools.

Tunisian crochet hooks 

The main thing that you need to start practicing Tunisian crochet is a set of good Tunisian crochet hooks (also called afghan crochet hooks). You can try a tiny bit of Tunisian crochet on a regular hook, but you really need these special hooks to tackle bigger projects.

There are several types of Tunisian crochets hooks (you can read about them in detail here ). Here's a quick primer on your options.

  • Single-head hooks: These look like regular crochet hooks, but are much longer. Some even include a flexible cord or cable to hold extra stitches on larger projects. They're ideal for working flat projects in rows.
  • Double-head hooks: Best for working Tunisian crochet in the round.
  • Circular cable crochet hooks: These also work well for working in the round — it's just a matter of preference.

Choosing your first Tunisian crochet hook

If you want to start with just one hook, then go for a mid-sized G or H single-head Tunisian crochet hook with a 12" cord. It'll work well with worsted weight yarn and will help you get the hang of the techniques.

As you grow your skills, you might want to add single- and double-headed hooks in a range of sizes to your collection. The range will depend on what type of yarn you like to use and the types of projects you like to make.

You can also get the flex cords and circular cables in varying lengths. Avid Tunisian crocheters might want 4 or 5 different lengths, ranging from 16" - 48". When you're getting started, though, 1 or 2 cord sizes will do.

Other supplies for Tunisian crochet

You might already have some of these in your stash!


You can work Tunisian crochet with any yarn! Start with mid-weight yarn in a light color, using a fiber such as cotton or acrylic that offers good stitch definition. This way, you can ueasily see the stitches as you work.

What about weight? Use a yarn weight that matches the size of your Tunisian crochet hook or the size your pattern tells you. If you're using a yarn label to determine your hook size, it's a good idea to choose a larger Tunisian crochet hook than recommended. If it calls for a size G hook on the label, use a size H or I Tunisian crochet hook instead.

Tunisian crochet patterns

Once you've learned the basic techniques, you'll need to choose a Tunisian crochet pattern to start your first project. You can find hundreds of patterns online and in books. Ravelry is always a good place to start!

More speciality Tunisian crochet supplies


Of course, you'll want a pair of scissors to cut your yarn. Nothing special!

Tapestry needle

A tapestry needle makes it a cinch to  weave in your ends in crochet . You'll also need a needle to join Tunisian crochet motifs or panels into larger projects.

Tunisian crochet also lends itself well to cross-stitch on croche t. Use a needle to add the cross-stitch design on top of your Tunisian crochet fabric.

Stitch markers

Stitch markers help you to save your place if you need to set your project down and pick it up again later. They're also helpful for counting stitches in long rows and marking the beginning of rounds.

You can certainly get by without a stitch marker, but they can be immensely helpful! And if you don't want to invest in stitch markers just yet, you can try these shortcut methods .

Row counter

A row counter can help you keep track of where you are in a project, especially one that has many rows and a lot of stitch pattern repeats. 

Tape measure

To make sure your gauge is right and that your finished project will be the right size, it pays to have a tape measure or ruler to measure your swatches and your progress.

Blocking board and pins

Tunisian crochet is infamous for curling , and one of the easiest ways to combat the cur is with blocking. A blocking mat and pins make the blocking process quick work.

Tunisian Crochet Class

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