Upgrade Your Insta-Feed With These Embroidery Wizards

Instagram is the place for embroiderers to show off their creations, and we can't get enough. From stunning hoop art crafted in the satin stitch to oh-so-fancy beading, you'll find loads of inspiration for your own embroidery (or at the very least, a daily dose of eye candy) when you follow these artists.

Sarah K. Benning


Sarah K. Benning stitches the things that surround her. The number one thing? Plants. Her impressive indoor jungle is the inspiration for her plant and interior space embroideries. (And if you want to stitch your own greenery, this project's giving off good vibes .)

Jessica Long


Jessica Long is constantly experimenting with her subjects. While most fall under the category of nature, she stitches everything from adorable hedgehogs and decorative florals to inspiring typography. Want to stitch like Jessica? Check out her Bluprint class !

Happy Cactus Designs


Brannon is the woman behind Happy Cactus Designs, but don't be fooled — despite the name, her embroideries don’t actually revolve around cacti. They're often guided by florals, and she's all about colorful smatterings of tiny blossoms and leaves. Talk about an instant mood-booster !

Kelly Ryan


If you love bold, stylized flowers and vibrant colors that seem to explode beyond their frames, Kelly Ryan's sewn bouquets are exactly what you need. Made up of satin stitch, knotted stitches, and more, the compositions are dense and solid, resulting in a pop art vibe we love.

Tessa Perlow


Many contemporary embroidery artists choose to keep their work displayed in the hoop. But Tessa Perlow stitches on upcycled garments , letting her work become statement-making fashion that goes everywhere.

Liz Payne


Sometimes thread just isn't enough, which is why Australian artist Liz Payne adds beading to her projects. The abstract pieces look so rich, you can’t help but want to run your hand over them.

Lisa Smirnova


Lisa Smirnova uses Impressionist-inspired thread painting, often combined with actual painting, to produce her multifaceted pieces. You'll often see them out of the hoop on one-of-a-kind clothing.

Emillie Ferris


Inspired by furry friends and insects alike, Emillie Ferris recreates the animal kingdom in amazing detail. Her ability to render creatures in a photorealistic way has earned her countless commissions of adorable pups (and more!) from around the world.

Sophie MacNeill


Sophie MacNeill’s Instagram handle “Slow Stitch Sophie” is so appropriate: anyone who hand embroiders can definitely relate to the patience needed throughout the process. Sophie proves the time is well spent, delivering hoop art that reminds us of a blossoming field of wildflowers.

Sheena Liam


Sheena Liam is a master of the flowing-hair effect that's all but taken over IG . She keeps the focus on the 3D drama by keeping the rest of her stitching relatively simple.

August 24, 2018
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Upgrade Your Insta-Feed With These Embroidery Wizards