12 Valentine Embroidery Designs to Stitch for a Love-Filled Holiday

Whether you're DIYing your decor or gifting to your loved ones, it's easy to stitch some warm and fuzzy feelings this Valentine's Day . These patterns have so much love to give, you'll have trouble choosing just one.

1. Radiant Ombré Heart

Even if you've never tried embroidery before, these cards are oh-so-simple to stitch. Just create a heart template, punch out holes and thread floss through.

Take your embroidery skills to paper and you can create one of the coolest handmade cards anyone's ever received. This ombré design is actually pretty simple to make, even if you're a total embroidery newbie. Plus, it's guaranteed to make your loved one smile.

2. A Stitched Tee

Stitch your heart out (and upcycle old shirts from your closet) with this beginner-friendly project. Just ditch the floss and opt for T-shirt yarn for more stability.

If you have two T-shirts and a pair of scissors, you're less than an hour away from finishing this adorable embroidered shirt. And while it's great for kids — they can totally help make it — you may just want one for yourself, too.

3. Angelina Hearts

Show everyone just how much your heart shines with this fun project. The appliqué designs make any project pop thanks to one secret weapon: Angelina fibers.

Hey metallic embroidery fans, here's something to be excited about — you can stitch the coolest (and shiniest) projects around thanks to one key tool: Angelina.

4. A Loving Tropical Hoop

Needle paint a floral wreath filled with woven wheel roses and satin stitch petals. This hoop is gorgeous by itself, but just imagine how pretty it'll be once you embroider a message of love in the center!

Start your first project, a tropical floral wreath, by reviewing key stitches such as the backstitch, satin stitch and stem stitch. Practice the fishbone stitch, before exploring color shading and gradations with the long and short stitch.

5. Crazy in Love

Reasons to love crazy patch embroidery: it's fun, funky and uses your fabric scraps. The best part? You can use one of these two techniques without an embroidery machine.

Reasons to love crazy patch embroidery: it's fun, colorful and uses your fabric scraps. Not to mention it's so simple to make, thanks to embroidery machines.

6. A Full (and Floral) Heart

Hearts, flowers and bright colors are all you need for an ideal Valentine's Day embroidery craft. And with the design pre-printed on your fabric, this kit makes it easy to start stitching ASAP.

7. "I Love You This Much"

Show your sweetie how much you care with this cute and clever cross-stitch hoop. The pattern only uses eight colors of floss , so it's simple enough to finish in one sitting.

8. Sweetheart Stitching

If you're mass-making for everyone on your Valentine's Day list, change up each design just a smidge. These 10 patterns are simple, pretty and have enough variety so you're not making the same thing over and over.

9. The Gift of Love

Picture a little embroidered gift bag that's filled with candy and chocolates. Too cute, right? Make it a reality and stitch some love onto a bag — even better if you sew said bag yourself .

10. All You Need Is Love (and Cats)

What says "love" more than cute little cats?! Pick your own floss colors or opt for a monochromatic look, then stitch this entire hoop in a weekend. We promise you'll be feline fine. (Get it?)

11. A Place for Your Pins

Let's face it: we could always have more pincushions . Sew one for your crafty friends this Valentine's Day, then embroider it in swirly, beginner-friendly designs.

12. Hanging Hearts

Display your love for all to see: these wall hangings are cute and simple to stitch, making them the perfect holiday decor project.

January 16, 2020
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12 Valentine Embroidery Designs to Stitch for a Love-Filled Holiday