15 Valentine Cakes and Cupcakes Worth Baking This Year

Valentine's Day is sweet on its own, but you can make it even better with a sugar rush. These cakes and cupcakes will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, especially when shared.

1. We Heart Cake

Gold sequins, straight stripes and inset hearts topped with sugar flowers — there's a lot to love about this tiered dessert. Whatever you do, don't shy away from the luster dust !

Cover your top tier with golden edible sequins and your bottom tier with horizontal stripes as Erin guides you through this eye-catching cake. You'll learn how to apply bold stripes that line up perfectly, create playful inlay hearts and attach flowers to a real cake.

2. Cosmic Love

While you'll first cover this cake in white fondant, you'll bust out the airbrush to bring in all those cosmically beautiful colors. And don't worry about that black gum paste silhouette — it's made with a cookie cutter, so there's no detailed molding required.

Celebrate a love that's out of this world with Joshua John Russell's "cosmic love" illustrated cake!

3. Hidden Heart

While this looks like a run-of-the-mill vanilla cake on the outside, make one slice and you're greeted with a beautiful rainbow heart. Yep, your guests will be wowed.

Build upon your cake-carving skills as you inlay six colorful layers of cake, all trimmed to fit, for this show-stopping surprise! Conceal it all under a of cover of beautiful buttercream rosettes.

4. Sign of Love

Valentine's Day doesn't mean everything has to be red, pink and lacy. Take an unorthodox approach to your holiday dessert by sculpting a giant "I love you" hand from modeling chocolate.

Rock On! Valentine's Cake

5. An Anti-Valentine

Sometimes, love hurts. So gather your friends and feast from a very anti-Valentine's Day cake. We promise it still tastes sweet, especially with fresh strawberries hidden between each layer.

JJR is celebrating Valentine's Day (a little) differently this year. If you're feeling anti-Valentine's yourself, get the recipes and everything you need to make this cake!

6. Swan-derful Feathers

These stunning feathers are made from dried candy melts and secured with melted white chocolate. Sprinkle in a few edible pearls and hearts and you've got a beautiful cake creation.

With shimmering white heart sprinkles hidden among the feathers, this is the perfect cake for a baby shower or ballet-themed birthday party. The magic is all in the candy melt “feathers,” a technique you’re gonna want to use all over the place.

7. Simple Hearts

There's something gorgeous about simplicity. With a few beginner-friendly carving steps, you can decorate this cake in under an hour.

Heart cakes are basically the cutest dessert you could make for Valentine's Day, and they're actually super easy to pull off. In fact, our method doesn't require any carving at all — just one round cake, one square cake and some nifty Tetris skills to pull it all together.

8. Edible Love Letters

Send a love note written in fondant — it's much sweeter than a store-bought card. Just note this design is small, so you need the right tools to be precise. But the payoff is delicious and oh-so-worth it.

If you want to surprise your Valentine with something sweet, we're pretty certain anyone would fall for this fondant love letter.

9. A Box of Chocolates — As a Cupcake

Put a fun spin on the traditional box of chocolates by making 'em in fondant. These cupcakes are basically dessert inception, so anyone who receives them is sure to be pleased.

This Valentine's Day, think outside the box (of chocolates) and make the sweetest topper for all your festive cupcakes. These truffles might be tiny, but they'll wow any recipient.

10. Ruffled Fondant Florals

Whether you're baking a cake or cupcakes, you want to make sure to bring the blooms. Use a ball tool to sculpt these ruffles into simple circles, then let dry and decorate the center — it really is that easy.

You know those cakes covered in beautiful, realistic sugar flowers? Yes, they're amazing. And here's the good news: the techniques needed to create those lifelike blossoms aren't actually so hard.

11. Love Machine

Flex your fondant sculpting skills and teach a robot to love. This project work best as a stand-alone cake topper or paired with simpler fondant pieces, and you'll have a blast paying attention to all the little details.

Who says you can't teach a robot to love? This little guy is shining with Valentine's Day spirit, and he's guaranteed to look oh-so-cute on top of your holiday cupcakes. Make him while blasting "Love Machine" to truly get in the heartfelt mood.

12. Spray of Hearts

This cake is quite literally bursting with love. It's a simple fondant project, is a fun way to top any cake, and you can make a whole rainbow if you're feeling extra colorful.

Whether it's Valentine's Day, a birthday or a special anniversary, celebrate love with a fantastic spray of fondant hearts. This project is a fun way to top any cake, and the method can be used with any shape — meaning all those cutters you have on-hand are about to be put to good use.

13. Heart Skips a Beat

Your Valentine's heart will jump when they see these cute toppers. And with two designs to choose from, it's easy to add variety to your batch of cupcakes. (Bonus points if you pair 'em with pink strawberry buttercream ).

Make the perfect fondant toppers for the one who makes your heart flutter. Choose from one of two designs (a heartbeat measure or a stethoscope), pair 'em with pink strawberry buttercream and you've got the ultimate Valentine's Day cupcakes.

14. Conversation Heart Cupcakes

There's no better way to say "I love you" than by writing it out on little fondant hearts. These treats are sweeter than traditional conversation hearts — though you could totally make those , too.

Pour your heart out this Valentine's Day, but let a quintessential holiday treat — conversation hearts and an adorable Kawaii character — do all the talking. Whether you bring 'em to a Galentine's Day party or gift 'em to your special someone, these delicious sweets are sure to make everyone swoon.

15. 'I Heart Ewe'

Craft these sheepish fondant toppers for the pun-lover in your life. Not only will your Valentine be impressed by your modeling skills, but you'll get a few laughs, too.

Everyone loves a good pun, especially when it's on top of a cupcake. Make these adorably sheepish fondant toppers for Valentine's Day and you're guaranteed to spark a few laughs.

January 22, 2020
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15 Valentine Cakes and Cupcakes Worth Baking This Year