Want to be a Creative Genius? Take A Walk


Here's something you might not know: Walking every day can really ramp up your mental abilities and creative potential. Plenty of history’s most brilliant thinkers made walking a part of their daily routine. So if you want to be a smarty pants too, first thing's first: Get moving!

Great minds walk alike

If you have any doubts about the correlation between walking and creative genius, don’t take our word for it. Brilliant artists, writers and composers — Beethoven, Charles Dickens and Tchaikovsky, to name a few — were known for their short walks, 30-mile tours and two-hour strolls, respectively. Even Steve Jobs walked daily as an integral part of his successful, creative lifestyle. Other smart strollers include Einstein, Tolstoy, Descartes, Kafka and Freud, so you're really among friends here.

Creativity in motion

Stanford University released a study that found humans are about 60% more creative when they’re walking — whether it’s indoors, outside or on a treadmill. And while walking doesn't necessarily aid in focused thinking, there is a strong correlation between going for a walk and increased blood flow to the brain, long-term cognitive function and generating new creative ideas.

Be good to your body

Whether you blame desk jobs or couch potato TV sessions, physical inactivity is a huge contributing factor to the increase of heart disease, diabetes and various cancers affecting our society. Twenty-five minutes of walking a day is shown to dramatically reduce the risk of these diseases as well as dementia and stroke. In fact, regular walks can add up to seven years to your predicted life span. Which means more strong, healthy years for you to spend writing that novel, composing that symphony — or just knitting those socks.

Walk and talk

Meetings on the move are trending in Silicon Valley. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, and Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, swear by spending time on the move to collaborate, communicate and generate fresh ideas. Getting away from high-stress situations and eliminating the distraction of emails and laptops lets people focus on the conversation at hand. And thanks to the physical and mental benefits of walking, people tend to speak with more energy and creativity when they're out for a stroll. We'd say that gives "going places" a whole new meaning.

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Want to be a Creative Genius? Take A Walk