What to Draw EVERY DAY This Week


ICYMI, we're big proponents of making art every day . Yes — every. single. day. But what happens when you’re fresh out of ideas for what to actually draw or paint?

It happens to the best of us. But we have the solution! A themed daily challenge is a clever shortcut to generate ideas and get you sketching without delay. Let's do this.

A Theme to Try: "Movement"

Yes, it’s open ended, but that’s part of the fun! Once you really start to think of things that move (or appear to move), the ideas will start flowing, we promise.

To jump-start your creativity, here are seven approaches that play on this basic theme:

1. A Dancer's Graceful Routine

It's no secret that dancers have long inspired artists — think of Degas’ iconic ballerinas . Or, for a less literal spin on the subject, just try focusing on the bending and twisting of the human figure.

2. Dynamic Abstraction

This is the perfect opportunity to try something abstract. Draw lines (or other marks) that look like they're moving across the page. There are no rules here, so you can really have fun with this.

3. What’s Rustling In the Bushes?

Artwork by @mikyonoh
Here’s your chance to get spooky! Imagine it’s dark and you hear a soft rustling noise. What’s causing it? This artist imagined a bear... but you can take this prompt anywhere.

4. Creatures On the Move

Animals and insects are practically the definition of movement! Pick your favorite creature (or even your pet!) and illustrate it in its environment. Or just explore a single element of the animal kingdom like beautiful shells, fur patterns, or glittering scales.

5. Tune In To The Weather

Artwork by Mouni Feddag
The elements outdoors bring their own form of movement to our world. What does that look like to you? Maybe it’s swaying trees and a torrential downpour, or maybe a busy city scene. You decide.

6. Crowd Sourcing

Here's an angle for the urban sketchers: Pick a bustling crowd of people — either in person or from a photo — and draw the energy that comes from having that many people in one place. Don’t worry about getting the details just right; this prompt is all about capturing the essence of movement.

7. Make a Splash

Whether you’re at the pool or in the ocean, where there's water, there's movement. This could be an underwater scene with fishes, kids jumping into the pool, or the arresting beauty of waves.

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If I had to give you one piece of advice on how to progress as an artist, it would be this: Keep a daily sketchbook.
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Incorporate a daily sketching routine into your busy 21st-century life.
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What to Draw EVERY DAY This Week