What to Knit Right Now: Newbie Edition

It’s one thing to learn the basics of the knit stitch… and a totally other thing to actually complete a project. But lucky for you, we’re here to shorten up the distance from step one to step one-and-a-half on the road to knit super stardom.

We polled our Bluprint knitting pros and found four awesome projects that are 100 percent newbie-friendly.

1. Meet "the Scarflet"

Behold: a super-quick, drop-dead easy project that makes any outfit scream creativity. No fancy shaping, no stressful fitting… just a chunk of knitted fabric and a clever fold. This is without a doubt the ideal first project, and once you master it, the sky’s the limit on creative twists.

You now officially have permission to buy whatever gorgeous yarn catches your eye, because even if you don’t know how to do anything else, you can always knit a scarflet.

2. Here’s to the Humble Hat

We know. If you’re a total knit newbie, hats look a little scary. In reality, though, you oughta love 'em for a whole bunch of reasons:

  • They’re quick. Instant gratification is always a win.
  • Fitting isn’t that big a deal; most adult heads are surprisingly similar in size!
  • They’re an awesome way to master tons of new knit skills, like joining in the round on circular needles (fancy!).

3. Master the Cutest Cowl

A cowl is kind of like a full-sized scarf, but way faster because it only loops once around your neck. So once again, your craving for instant gratification is (almost) instantly satisfied.

We love this waffle stitch version because it’s a great way to master a cool textured effect, and teaches some handy skills like binding off in-pattern. (Don’t know what that means? No worries — you will soon!)

4. Get Your Mitts on Some Mitts

We’ll keep this real: you probably don’t want to tackle mittens or gloves as your very first project. But a simple pair definitely deserves a spot on your list for project number two or three. You’ll get comfy with teeny tiny needles, gussets and shaping skills that put you on the road to more ambitious stuff like sweaters. (Yay!).

November 13, 2018
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What to Knit Right Now: Newbie Edition