What's the Right Size for a Baby Quilt?


You've decided to make a baby quilt — smart. New parents love them, and quilters love to make them (so small! so fast!). But how small is too small, and how big is too big?

The good news is that there isn't one size you must adhere to. Your baby quilt can be as big or small as you like! But if you're looking for some guidance, we're here for you.

Baby quilt sizing by the numbers

30" x 30"

This size is perfect for newborns. Although it won't wrap around baby forever (sounds like a good excuse to make another quilt!), it can have a second life as a play mat or a carry-along, just-in-case blankie. One of the best parts of making a 30" square quilt? You only need 1 yard of fabric for the backing.

30" x 40"

For those who prefer a rectangular size, this longer quilt gives baby plenty of room to grow. And don't worry — you can still easily use yardage for the backing without having to piece it. 

36" x 52"

This has become a standard size because it fits well over a crib mattress, which is usually around 28" x 52". But an important safety note: the American Association of Pediatrics recommends a bare crib (no quilts or blankets) for infant safety — so matching crib dimensions is less important than creating a size that the parents will appreciate.

Anything larger than 36", whether square or rectangular, also makes a great floor covering for babies on the move — and larger quilts are sure to be used as the child grows and begins sleeping with covers.

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Amy Gibson
Amy Gibson
CAUTION: Baby quilts are a total gateway drug! Just ask Angela: she's working this cute little number up for her newborn nephew. (Think you can stop at one? Don't say we didn't warn you!)
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Kate Colleran
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What's the Right Size for a Baby Quilt?