5 Knitting Patterns Where Gauge Doesn't Matter

We all know getting gauge is a pain. Swatching takes up precious time before we can dive into our projects, and sometimes we have to swatch over and over again, delaying exciting new WIPs (works in progress, for you new knitters). What if I told you there are some knitting patterns out there where gauge doesn't matter? Cue the confetti!

Yes, yes, swatching and measuring gauge are necessary in knitting , especially when you're making a garment. But sometimes gauge is no big deal. When browsing Bluprint's knitting patterns , you may have noticed that some of them note that gauge is not critical to a project. What a relief!

Sit back, relax, and prepare to jump right into these projects immediately -- no obsessing over gauge required!

Knitted Agnes Rose

Photo via Bluprint member Heidi Hennessy

Agnes rose

When you don't feel like getting specific with gauge, knitted botanics are a great choice for a knitting project. Worsted-weight yarn will knit up a small rose, while chunky yarn will knit up a larger rose.

If you want to see even more knitted flowers, be sure to check out our monthly flower series right here on the blog. We shared carnation knitting patterns in January, and you can also see out  morning glory marigold  and  chrysanthemum  patterns for even more flower power.

Get the Agnes Rose pattern.

Knitted pop blanket

Photo via Bluprint member tincanknits

Pop blanket

I love blanket patterns that are constructed using squares because you can make the blanket as small or large as you want and even add on to it later. The squares also make great portable projects for car rides and public transportation. Make sure that you're knitting each square in a consistent gauge -- even if it doesn't match the exact gauge of the pattern -- otherwise your squares won't be even when you go back to seam them together.

Get the POP Blanket pattern.
Knit Donuts

Photo via Bluprint member Lynne Rowe

Delicious donuts

These knitted donuts are great toys -- or just a way to trick friends into thinking you're offering them donuts. Embellish your donuts with tiny beads. The only gauge rule here is to make sure your stitches are tight enough that the stuffing doesn't pop out!

Get the Delicious Donuts pattern.

Knitted market bag

Photo via Bluprint member SK Gryske

Market bag

Loose, open stitches are A-okay in this market bag pattern. The bag is designed to hang on your shoulder or across your body so that you have both hands free to pick out the perfect tomatoes at the farmer's market. Want a bigger bag? Just adjust the yarn weight and needle sizes.

Get the Market Bag pattern.

Mario the knitted hedgehog

Photo via Bluprint member Yarnigans

Mario the hedgehog

I know hedgehogs aren't supposed to be cuddly, but why do I have the urge to snuggle with Mario here? Mario's quills are knitted using an easy loop stitch. Like any other amigurumi , the gauge doesn't matter as long as you don't have stuffing poking out of Mario's body.

Get the Mario the Hedgehog pattern.

[box type="shadow"]I already mentioned my amigurumi gauge rule: The gauge is all good unless the stuffing is showing. Go crazy with even more toys with Susan B. Anderson in Wee Ones: Seamless Knit Toys  where you'll knit dozens of toys based on one simple pattern.[/box]

Do you ever skip the swatching step, knitters?

February 18, 2014
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5 Knitting Patterns Where Gauge Doesn't Matter