These 6 Gorgeous Knit Shawls Are Perfect for All Seasons


Shawls may just be the perfect project. There are endless ways to knit them (top down, bottom up, side to side, and so on), they’re great for all seasons (think air conditioning protection in the summer, and cozy blanket wrap in the winter), and our favorite part: you don’t have to worry about fit. Sold? We thought so.

Beginner’s Lace

If you’re new to knitting lace, this shawl is the perfect first project. Make it in worsted-weight yarn for an even easier knit.

Double the Fun

This shawl is reversible — need we say more? Yes, it’s a bit of an investment piece (fingering-weight yarn and brioche stitches take time, folks), but you’ll get double the wear,’s reversible. And stunning.

That’s So Mod

There’s lots to love with this tonal shawl, but we can’t get enough of its unique construction. After working the center triangle, you work the lace bits in modular sections — only ever working on half the shawl at a time. Garter stripes bring it all back together.

Tap into Tradition

You can’t go wrong with a shawl that’s been knit for generations. The traditional Shetland hap is made up of three parts: a center, a lace border, and an edging. The finished shape is square, but fold it in half for an easy-to-wear triangle (plus some extra warmth).

Be Extra, Add Beads

If lace alone isn’t enough to thrill you, level up by adding beads. This shawl is worked from the bottom up, and will teach you three different methods for adding beads.

Choose Your Own

Sometimes you just want to strike out on your own path and see where it takes you. Good news — we have a class for that. Try your hand at designing your own shawl by exploring 14 different ways to shape your drape. You’ll need to do a little math, but it’s worth it, we promise.

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These 6 Gorgeous Knit Shawls Are Perfect for All Seasons