We live in an "always on," hyper-connected world, yet we've never been more disconnected from ourselves, and from each other. Creativity can change that — and we're on a mission to bring more of it to the world.

At Bluprint, we're building experiences that deliver more "I did it!" moments for our members. We're revolutionizing the combination of content, commerce & community, all in the service of helping makers make.
Who We Are
  • Real
    We’re passionate about the things we know, and candid about the things we don’t.
  • Inclusive
    The more different perspectives the better, period.
  • Confident
    We’re not afraid to take risks, because we trust ourselves and each other.
  • Curious
    We’ll never stop learning.
  • Doers
    If we’ve got an idea, we act on it.
  • Positive
    We’re energized by challenge and we never give up.
  • Celebratory
    In ways big and small, we cheer each other on.
Perks + Benefits
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    Employee Stock Purchase Plan
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    Career Development Programs
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    Discounted Cable + Internet
  • Lifetime Access Icon
    Lifetime Bluprint Access
  • Paid Leave Icon
    Paid Parental Leave
  • Flexible Schedule
    Flexible Work Schedule
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    Tuition Reimbursement
  • Pet Insurance Icon
    Pet Insurance
  • Craftsy Is Born, July 2011 - Our founders had a hunch that learning new creative skills online was going to be big. And soon enough, millions of makers took notice.
  • Craftsy Store Opened, October 2011 - It turns out that people who love to make stuff also need supplies to do it with. And Craftsy was there to help.
  • NBCUniversal Acquired Craftsy, May 2017 - Two very different companies with one enormous thing in common: a conviction that creativity makes the world a better place.
  • Bluprint Launched, July 2018 - We found a name that fits our future: Bluprint. Whatever you want to make, we’re here to help you lay out a plan and create something amazing.
  • Making News, 2019 - Makers everywhere take notice as Bluprint launches Runway Remake (in partnership with Bravo's Project Runway) and scores an Emmy nomination for Blank Wall Overhaul.
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