Intro to Crochet
Tackle the iconic granny stitch and granny square as you create a stylish hooded vest.
Tamara  Kelly
with Tamara Kelly
Build your skills as you master one of the most popular stitch patterns — the ripple stitch.
Kim Werker
with Kim Werker
We're on a mission to get you crocheting! From picking yarn to holding your hook, everything you need to know is right here.
Turn your inspiration into action. We'll show you how.
Watch + Learn
Once you understand the basics of hooks and yarn, start using them together as you learn to hold your hook and make a slip knot. From there, practice stitching chains, one of the most fundamental crochet stitches and your foundation for things to come!
Now, start building on your chains with the single crochet stitch. Salena shows you how to work into the chain, turn your row and examine the fabric to help you gain an understanding of the swatch you're working.
Next up, the half double crochet stitch! Similar to the single crochet, work this slightly longer stitch together into a starting chain, then turn the row.
Ready to tackle your next stitch? Building on the stitches from previous lessons, work a practice swatch to learn about placement and get familiar with the fabric you're creating.
Salena guides you through the last foundation stitch, and tallest one yet: the triple crochet. Work a sample swatch to learn about placement and get familiar with the fabric you're creating.
Sure, crochet has a language of it's own, but learning the lingo is half the fun!
Crochet dishcloths are PERFECT beginner projects. They're small, simple and super practical, so you can make a bunch and your "practice" won't go to waste. Prepare to become a wizard of basic crochet!
by Maria Weaber
This easy (and quick!) crochet infinity scarf is the perfect for those times when you need to make something and you need it done now (come on, I know I'm not the only procrastinating crafter out there). What makes this project so quick? Crochet is almost always fastest when you work the same stitch across a row and the same stitch for many rows. That's exactly what this cowl brings to the table: the first half of the scarf is worked in half double crochet and the rest is double crochet. Simple. Fast. Perfect.
by Kathryn Vercillo
Start your fourth and final project, a cluster scarf, as you learn to work a complex specialty stitch, the cluster stitch. Afterwards, Salena shows you how to make color changes in rows and read more complex patterns, including a crochet diagram, to complete your scarf.
Continue practicing by making a simple hat and see the variety of styles you can create. Kim will also explain the simple math of working hats and show you how to get a great fit.
Never let another mishap hold you back! Learn how to avoid, find and fix mistakes, so you can finish every crochet project with confidence.
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Crochet cables with confidence and ease! From basic designs to intricate beauties, learn how to add captivating cables to all of your projects.
Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby
with Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby
Crochet your way through fabulously fun designs as you advance your skills and learn new techniques to create cozy mittens the whole family will love.
Brenda K.B. Anderson
with Brenda K.B. Anderson
Build on your basic crochet skills and unlock new project possibilities as you conquer fundamentals for cables, lace, bobbles and more!
Kim Werker
with Kim Werker
Confidently work the first row of virtually any project in foundation stitches! Get frustration-free techniques for beautiful crochet results.
Marty Miller
with Marty Miller
Achieve better crochet, beautiful results and fewer mistakes in any project! Learn techniques for clean cast-ons, tidy edges, basic decreases and more.
Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby
with Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby
Elevate your next crochet project with three stunning textures. Join popular instructor Drew Emborsky, aka The Crochet Dude, in this FREE mini-class!
Drew Emborsky
with Drew Emborsky
Create a fresh, modern version of traditional Irish crochet! Learn to read charts, create breathtaking motifs and join them into a garment.
Myra Wood
with Myra Wood
Seam every project cleanly and easily with the best join for the job. From simple situations to specialty stitch patterns, bring it all together with confidence.
Lindsey  Stephens
with Lindsey Stephens
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