Intro to Watercolor
Turn your inspiration into action. We'll show you how.
Kateri goes over the different types of brushes and their various qualities, including the best beginner-friendly ones, as well as care and storage instructions.
Explore the various aspects of paper and the formats it comes in, from pads and blocks to giant tearable sheets. Kateri helps you choose the right kind of paper for your project, then shows you how to stretch it to avoid warping and bubbling.
Meet Kateri Ewing and ground yourself in the fundamentals of watercolor paint. Kateri examines key topics, including staining and granulating effects, lightfastness ratings, pigment numbers and more.
Kateri reviews the last few items you need to start painting, including palettes, erasers, masking fluid, easels and more.
Got a gorgeous picture in your mind? Start here and make it real.
Explore a number of mark-making techniques with two types of brushes: flat and round. Kateri demonstrates how to lift pigment, create sharp edges and make a variety of lines, including twisting, flat, thick-to-thin and more.
Harness the power of water and pigment for stunning results every time! Here, Kateri teaches you the basics of creating washes. Find out how to make, or avoid, blooms, how to fade edges and more.
Understand your colors so you can better predict and mix the shades you want! In this lesson, Kateri shows you how to create essential mixing tools: a color wheel, color chart and value scale.
Explore the two primary watercolor methods: wet-in-wet and wet-on-dry. See how to drop in and lift out color, use masking fluid or salt to create unique effects, and explore a dry-brush technique to create hard and soft edges.
Focus on your still life's focal point. Starting with the flowers, Mary shares tips on using warm and cool yellow tones to guide the viewer's eyes through the painting. Afterwards, move on to the pitcher as you learn to create a shimmering reflection with glazes.
Move from greens and yellows into a world of vivid color and dark shadows as you explore flower colors. You'll learn how to match the color of each part of your flower before developing a delicate layer of translucency that captures the delicate nature of petals. Adele also shows you how to recreate dark velvety textures that are rich in nuance.
Nan walks you through the initial process for starting your second painting, a delicate pink rose. Improve your skills in paint application, including the process of laying in the initial colors, controlling the consistence of color and creating a sense of movement as Nan helps you mix the perfect ratio of paint and water.
Put your skills to work and paint a whimsical, simple peony. Use line work and flooding to make vibrant expressionistic petals, and see how to give your floral depth and dimension.
Expand your repertoire of advanced watercolor painting techniques to infuse your work with interest and excitement.
with Mary P. Murphy
Build your skills and create a watercolor painting that you can be proud of, even if you’re a beginner!
with Mary P. Murphy
Mix the glowing, harmonious watercolors you want, every time. Learn how using fundamental techniques and a limited palette of just six pigments.
with Kateri Ewing
Master a mixed media combo for art that’s saturated with color, depth and creative inspiration.
with Janie Gildow
Capture any view that captivates you! Paint your favorite outdoor scenes quickly in loose, luminous watercolor sketches.
with Angela Fehr
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