Intro to Cake Decorating
Need-To-Know Basics
We're all for getting your hands dirty (or in this case, coated in sugar). Getting all up in it is the best way to master any new skill. But there are some lessons that you really don’t need to learn the hard way. So we asked a few professional decorators to spill the secrets they wish they’d known from the get-go.
Kristin Doherty
Cake decorating is all about fancy piping tips, clever cutters and specialty tools you can use to create amazing effects. But that doesn't mean you have to buy out the store to get started. In fact, it's way better to start with the basics: pick up just what you need to nail that perfectly smooth, flawless fondant or buttercream surface. Once you've mastered that key skill, the rest is just... icing.
Wendy McGowan
Have your cake and decorate it, too! Get step-by-step instructions for baking, building and decorating your cake with fondant or buttercream. Yum!
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Conquer the pliable sugar dough known as fondant as Jenny shares her best tips for handling, storing and coloring to make gorgeous, professional-looking decorated cakes.
Cover any cake in fondant — no matter the shape!
Rachael Teufel
Rachael Teufel
Jenny shows you how to make her favorite decorating frosting: Swiss meringue buttercream. It's a step up from the traditional one-bowl, powdered sugar-and-butter variation.
Who doesn't love chocolate cake? Abby takes your baking skills a step further with this classic layer cake, starting with how to perfectly grease and flour your pans and then demonstrating the right way to cream together butter and sugar. Learn about butter temperature and how to recognize visual cues that your batter is flawlessly mixed, then identify when the cake layers are perfectly baked.
Sometimes you just want to be totally inspired by some jaw-dropping cakes — Man About Cake always delivers.
Your Next Project is Here!
If you think of buttercream as just a blank canvas for borders and blooms, think again. Today's freshest cakes explore a whole universe of incredible textures, styles and effects. Best of all, many are surprisingly simple to create. Cake-makers, prepare to play.
HAAAPPY BIIIRTHDAAAY TO... well, it doesn't matter. It doesn't even have to be anyone's birthday. Don't let little things like details stop you from making this perfect birthday cake recipe because it's, well, perfect.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Learn essential buttercream techniques for cakes worth celebrating.
Lauren Bozich & Marianne Carroll
Lauren Bozich & Marianne Carroll
The only thing better than a creamy buttercream? One that's been infused with hazelnut flavor. This recipe from the Man About Cake himself, Joshua John Russell, might just change your mind about your favorite buttercream recipe.
With ingredients including cinnamon, banana, pineapple and coconut, what's NOT to love about hummingbird cake? Preheat your oven, grab your measuring cups and try your hand at this recipe from Joshua John Russell.
Imagine a cake that's perfectly moist, delightfully fluffy and packed with chocolate flavor. Now what if we told you that you could make that cake without any dairy or eggs? We wouldn't blame you for doubting us. But that's the reality of this to-die-for chocolate cake recipe from Joshua John Russell (the star of our very own Man About Cake series).
Cake decorating, like fashion, changes every single season. These are the gorgeous styles blowing up our feeds this summer.
Kristin Bellini
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Create gravity-defying cakes for legendary parties using a sturdy, versatile structure! Learn to carve, sculpt, cover and decorate custom unicorn cakes.
Kaysie Lackey
Kaysie Lackey
Decorate cakes that capture the distinctive beauty of every season and the undivided attention of any client. Enhance events year-round with four gorgeous designs.
Erica O'Brien
Erica O'Brien
Every dog has its day, so make your next celebration truly fetching with cake designer Elisa Strauss!
Elisa Strauss
Elisa Strauss
You know those super-stylish letter and number cakes that have been ALL OVER Instagram this year? You might be surprised to learn that you can make your own without a lot of fancy decorating skills. All it takes is some basic equipment, pretty stuff to pile on top, and plenty of creativity. Read on and prepare to score a perfect 10!
Felicity and Krystle
The good news: This standout (and stand up!) cake is way easier to make than it looks, and no carving tools are needed. The bad news: Actually, there is none. We're here to make all your rainbow dreams come true with a cake full of awesome, and it's the perfect centerpiece for a birthday bash, baby shower or whatever else comes your way.
Erin Gardner
Learn all about the fondant birds and the sugarpaste bees, and make adorable animal cake toppers with cake designer Sharon Wee.
Sharon Wee
Sharon Wee
Discover how to get your cake business up and running with expert advice and smart strategies.
Michelle  Green
Michelle Green
Make spectacular cakes with new, accessible modeling chocolate methods. Decorate three inspired designs with innovative structures, fun sculpting techniques and scrumptious flowers.
Kate  Sullivan
Kate Sullivan
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