Intro to Drawing
Train your hands and your eyes to work together for fantastic drawings.
Kateri Ewing
with Kateri Ewing
There's nothing like a little challenge to kick yourself into gear. So why not commit to drawing every day for the next week, month, or even (gasp!) year? Whether you're stuck in a creative rut or just want to get the hang of a new skill, putting pen to paper on the regular is just what you need. Challenge accepted? Here's how to make it over the finish line.
by Jessie Oleson Moore
Get your pencils ready, because we're on a mission to make you an artist! Get started drawing with hours of instruction on mark-making, shading, creating form and so much more.
Turn your inspiration into action. We'll show you how.
Pick Your Medium
Whether you're walking through a neighborhood or wandering in nature, build foundational skills for sketching what you see more quickly and easily.
Matt Brehm
with Matt Brehm
Meet your instructor, Hetty Easter, as you discover a variety of charcoals, erasers and blending tools that will help you bring your drawings to life. Next, Hetty offers professional tips for taking photos that capture the unique characteristics of each child, including techniques to capture flattering light and natural poses.
Become a better pen and ink artist! Learn techniques for capturing the values, textures and contours you see in the world around you.
Paul Heaston
with Paul Heaston
Master the basics of drawing with colored pencils.
Susan  Rubin
with Susan Rubin
Discover Your Style
All you have to do is look at a cool sketch of an urban scene and the urge to try it yourself comes knocking. Am I right? And once you get comfy with this way of documenting the world around you, you'll never run out of fascinating subjects to draw. Problem is, getting started can seem a little scary. But not anymore!
by Sara Barnes
Capture the features of the human face with riveting realism! Master the technical and structural elements behind a perfectly-drawn portrait.
Gary Faigin
with Gary Faigin
If you tend to focus on realistic drawings, then shifting into the abstract can be a bit of a head-scratcher. But once you get rolling, you'll love this fun, stress-free form. After all, there are certainly no rules about what your piece should look like in the end! Abstract drawing techniques are great because they help us see things in a different way, and they really stretch the imagination.
by Sara Barnes
Use easy, effective techniques to draw believable human and animal characters with page-turning personality.
Lynne  Chapman
with Lynne Chapman
Sharpen your drawing skills and create a breathtaking floral composition.
Cynthia Knox
with Cynthia Knox
Ditch your eraser and take a new approach to drawing perspective.
Marjorie Leggitt
with Marjorie Leggitt
Draw in three dimensions! Use easy-to-learn techniques to depict objects with realistic form.
Charles Valsechi
with Charles Valsechi
Make figure sketching fun and fulfilling! Use loose, gestural techniques to quickly draw figures that are brimming with life.
Suhita Shirodkar
with Suhita Shirodkar
Capture the beauty of any natural scene you choose! Learn foundational techniques for drawing landscapes with lifelike dimension, texture and detail.
Nancy Ellen Thompson
with Nancy Ellen Thompson
Draw portraits you're proud of with an easy-to-learn approach.
Alisha Dall'Osto
with Alisha Dall'Osto
Sketch any building, anywhere.
Stephanie Bower
with Stephanie Bower
Learn to draw accurate facial expressions for more powerful portraits.
Gary Faigin
with Gary Faigin
Simplify any cityscape to capture the character of your favorite urban scenes. Learn how to sketch building facades, textures, windows and much more.
Shari Blaukopf
with Shari Blaukopf
Simplify the steps for drawing iconic animals. Depict wild animals with true-to-life proportions, dimension, textures and features.
Sharlena Wood
with Sharlena Wood
Learn how to build narrative-rich scenes by sketching on location.
Steven Reddy
with Steven Reddy
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