The Great Summer Grilling Guide
You can't go wrong with a steak on the grill — but you can go right with a little help from grill master Al Roker.
by Bluprint
If there's anything better than smoky homemade BBQ, we certainly haven't found it yet.
by Ashley Rodriguez
It's taco season and all I want to do is spend some time outdoors with a taco (or four).
by Karly Campbell
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Learn the techniques you need to grill your best meat, fish, veggies and more!
with Brendan McDermott
Learn how to grill and enjoy flavorful meals, from salads to sauces and even authentic barbecue.
with Bill Briwa & Patrick Clark
Go beyond the burger and grill salmon, lobster, swordfish and more! Learn new techniques and accessible recipes to serve seafood bursting with flavor.
with David Bonom
Perfectly cook a variety of steaks and recreate favorite sides and sauces with tips and techniques from America’s meat guru, Bruce Aidells!
with Bruce Aidells
We've teamed up with our friends at TODAY for the very best of the best on the 'cue
It's not a summer party without a pitcher of strawberry sangria.
by Nicole Weston
Chef Rick Bayless knows his way around a margarita.
by Bluprint
When you think of grilling, chances are what comes to mind are savory dishes. But for the love of grilled peaches, it’s time to banish that stereotype from our backyards.
by Nicole Weston
Master one of the most traditional taco fillings: grilled steak. Deborah will demonstrate how to trim your steak and shares two seasoning techniques: a marinade and a dry rub. Expertly grill your meat to your preferred level of doneness, and prepare the perfect taco as you slice the meat and determine which salsa to use.
If you love a smoky, char-grilled steak, get those coals ready! Bruce shares a recipe for a marinade, then shows how to set up your grill with different heat zones for effective cooking. You'll see how to monitor your steak's progress, check for doneness, and slice and serve it when it's ready.
Take a deep dive into grilled chicken and other poultry. From classic barbecued chicken to exotic marinated quail and even a smoke-roasted turkey, you'll master recipes that are sure to add spice to your next gathering.
Follow Ivy's tips for making an instant garlic-infused olive oil to spread on veggies for extra flavor. You'll also learn to grill dry vegetables, such as eggplant, and juicier vegetables, such as zucchini and summer squash, to perfection.
Look beyond burgers and hotdogs and explore fresh takes on grill-friendly meats. Grill a marinated Thai-style hangar steak, dry-rubbed flatiron steak and hoisin-glazed pork tenderloin.
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