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Making a Maker
Get to know your favorite creatives in these intros exclusive to Bluprint.
“I really do think there’s something therapeutic about creating.”
“Everything is trial and error. You don’t know you can do it unless you try.”
“I feel really blessed to be a guy in my mid-forties who does arts and crafts for a living.”
“It’s very gratifying to create something from nothing. It makes it special.”
"I was raised with a dad that tinkered on tractors and a mom that made beautiful quilts, and that gift was passed down to me.”
“I’m interested in building things that bring joy.”
“Not everyone’s going to like what you do, and I’ve realized that’s ok.”
“You should do what excites you, what drives your passion. Just follow that.”
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Simon Doonan is an author, tastemaker and judge on NBC's Making It .
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