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What do you call an octopus made of modeling chocolate? A choctopus, silly! Well, that or "Joshua's signature design." He's here to break it down with a cake that both crustaceans and critics are giving eight tentacles up.
An all-white cake doesn't have to be plain. JJR is back and bolder than ever with this four-tier white monochrome wedding cake.
Meet Joshua John Russell
Joshua John Russell is an Atlanta cake artist and popular instructor. He learned baking and pastry arts at Johnson & Wales University, but his elegant and detailed cake designs are all his own. A finalist in Last Cake Standing, he has appeared on the Food Network Challenge 15 times, showing the world cake artistry that is by turns ornate, over-the-top and seriously cool.
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Ready to trade in the cake slayin' for a little cake sleighin'? The MAC crew is getting man about the holidays with a unicorn reindeer cake for Joshua's niece. (Okay, so maybe it's not that manly… but hey, he had us at peppermint mocha!)
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You asked for it, so Man About Cake is going where it's never gone before! (No, no, still cake.) Tune in as Joshua puts his own spin on the steampunk trend, complete with the most delicious chocolate carrot cake recipe EVER.
Everybody needs a statement piece that goes for bling AND bloom! Which is why Joshua's teeing up a three-tier cake with the biggest feature peony you've ever seen. (Like, seriously… it might attack Tokyo soon.)
Every superhero needs a sidekick, even our Caked Crusader. That's why he's teaming up with Horatio Shortening, the Robin to this week's ridiculously cool Fall Buttercream Flower cake. (Plus, don't miss Joshua sharing his secret piping recipe for the first time ever!)
Think there's nothing more terrifying than a giant spider? You haven't heard the crew sing Spice Girls yet! Tune in as the Caked Crusader weaves together a spider-themed Halloween cake, served up with a side of suspect serenading. (If you wanna be my Cake Slayer…)
What happens when gold meets goth? It, like, doesn't even matter. But you can still tune in and watch Joshua tackle a trendy black and gold distressed cake, featuring five shiny tiers of "decaying" gothic designs. (Septum piercing not included.)
Looks like all eyes are on Joshua's latest cake… literally! Join the Caked Boo-sader as he combines sweet and spooky in a tier-ifying Halloween cake, complete with airbrushed eyeballs and a few "haunting" pranks from the crew. (P.S. It's James' favorite episode ever!)
Skull's in session! Join JJR and the crew as they wrap up four weeks of Halloween fun with a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull that'll chill you to your, um, bones. Plus, don't miss all the spooky submissions sent in by Cake Slayers all over the world!
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What do you call an octopus made of modeling chocolate? A choctopus, silly! Well, that or "Joshua's signature design." He's here to break it down with a cake that both crustaceans and critics are giving eight tentacles up.
How do you celebrate America? In red, white and buttercream! JJR's got just the cake, complete with a blue- and red-velvet interior, retro Americana design and, you guessed it, even a touch of pyrotechnics. Save a slice for Lady Liberty.
What happens when pop tart meets pop art? A Man About Cake episode, naturally. Tune in as JJR creates a pop-art inspired cake full on fun 3-D effects and, yes, crushed pop tarts between layers of jam filling. (We swear we didn't raid a college pantry to make this thing.)
This is definitely not a cake about that one show. You know, that show with the dragons... and all the winter? That one everyone seems to be into? Nope, definitely not a cake inspired by that. (But just between us, if you're into that show, you should probably tune in.)
Laverne had Shirley. Butch Cassidy had the Sundance Kid. Let's face it, it's pretty great having a partner in crime, but it's even sweeter when it's Amber from SweetAmbs Cookies! Tune in as Joshua tats up the henna cake, Amber's makin' cookies to match.
Ever wanted to wrap your cakes in retro fabric? Yeah, neither have we. But this retro cherry design that's inspired by fabric… that's a whole different story. Look out world, JJR's kickin' it old school (right in the cherries).
Wild things happen when steampunk squares off with the world of couture… like Alexander-McQueen-inspired cakes with sculpted brass-knuckle toppers. Yeah, we went there; join us.
The perfect wedding cake can be a real beach. But our resident cake slayer has you covered with a sweet beach-themed wedding cake, including a crazy-cool technique for making modeling-chocolate oysters. Give it a try! The world is your, well… you know the rest.
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It started out as a perfectly normal wedding cake… then it went terribly, terribly wrong.
Decorate a cake in less than 1 hour? Challenge ACCEPTED.
There's nothing like blowing out the candles on your dream cake! Join the birthday boy as he whips up the Candy Land creation he always wanted as a kiddo.
What happens when you spice up mirror glaze with some paint and meringue? You've got to watch the episode to find out.
Pile on the Peeps® and pastels... Joshua's getting man about Easter with an egg-ceptional cake.
Why's the cone on Katherine Sabbath's cake melting? Because it's the hottest thing on Instagram right now! And it was only a matter of time before it met Man About Cake.
Twice the cake slayers means twice the fun! Watch Joshua team up with a special guest cake slayer to rock out a ridiculously cool geode cake.
These monsters just dropped in to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Yo mama's so sweet...We made a cake for her! Tune in as JJR whips up a gorgeous gift box cake that might make up for all those grey hairs you gave Mom.
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Your suggestions and votes from the MAC flavor contest inspired this piña colada cake! JJR channels the taste of the tropics with coconut and pineapple atop textured buttercream tiers.
Geometric cutout cakes are all the rage. JJR takes on tiled fondant and custom toppers for a modern kids' birthday cake design (sprinkles included).
Freezer overflowing with cake scraps? No problem; these "garbage cake" mint chip ice cream sandwiches will be gone in a flash.
JJR is celebrating Valentine's Day (a little) differently this year. If you're feeling anti-Valentine's yourself, get the recipes and everything you need to make this cake!
What to do with all that leftover garbage cake? Make these chocolate-dipped not-ice-cream-cone treats (a JJR original creation).
No time to cure your sugar lace? Premade edible lace is the way to go (JJR treats his with airbrushing and a shabby chic design).
No piping? No problem. Check out JJR's cake hacks to make a faux piped royal icing cake accented with a sugar poppy.
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An all-white cake doesn't have to be plain. JJR is back and bolder than ever with this four-tier white monochrome wedding cake.
You've asked, and we heard! Here is one EPIC loaded manly cake with brownie, cheesecake, cookie, chocolate and beard oil (just kidding). We dare you to make one.
Cover us in ganache too, please! See JJR create a show-stopping triple chocolate cake.
You've long been asking for a holiday cake. Here's Man About Cake's fun twist on a snowy whimsical winter cake scene.
Know a groom or bride with a dark side? Tackle this dark wedding cake with a surprising flavor profile!
Celebrate a love that's out of this world with Joshua John Russell's "cosmic love" illustrated cake!
Watch JJR make ombré fondant ruffles and stud this cake with incredible custom "gems."
This cake's got sole. JJR demonstrates fashion fondant techniques, piped stringwork and tops it off with a custom sugar shoe topper.
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Meet Man About Cake's resident cake slayer, Joshua John Russell. He's got his eye on what's trending. First up: floral wreath cakes!
In this episode of Man About Cake, we learn that shiny is a color, and edible lace isn't as difficult as it looks.
Guess what? You likely own everything needed to make this glamorous cake! Bust out those cutters and slay some metallic cakes with JJR.
Marble cakes rock. In this episode our Cake Slayer demystifies the marbled fondant technique and constructs a fully marbleized cake (from the inside out!). If only granite had chocolate swirls like these.
Get scandalous with naked cakes. JJR bares it all and makes a rustic naked cake with flowers & a pop of pink buttercream filling.
Move over, sugar flowers: Joshua John Russell's rolled wafer paper rosettes steal THIS show. See how to duplicate this light-as-air blossom on your next cake.
Real cake artists paint with buttercream. Replicate the watercolor cake trend with these handy tips from the Man About Cake!
Make it like MAC with tools straight from the show.
Other Classes with JJR
Bake Joshua John Russell’s signature cakes, plus several never-before-seen recipes!
Joshua John Russell
Joshua John Russell
Dress up your cakes with couture stylings including lace appliqués, quilted textures and edible feathers.
Joshua John Russell
Joshua John Russell
With nothing fancier than a pastry bag and a set of piping tips, you can achieve elegant details, accented with cake jewelry.
Joshua John Russell
Joshua John Russell
Bring your favorite Despicable Me characters to life with sweet, irresistible treats.
Joshua John Russell
Joshua John Russell
Cut, level, fill and crumb coat your layers like a professional then learn Joshua John Russell's trade secrets for a beautiful buttercream finish for free!
Joshua John Russell
Joshua John Russell
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