Angela Walters is a longarm quilter, teacher and author of several books, including "Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters" and "In the Studio with Angela Walters." Her quilting journey began with her husband's grandfather; together they made her first quilt – a nine-patch that is still on her bed today. Thousands of swirls, feathers and parallel lines later, Angela has turned her love of stitches and fabric into a thriving business focused on modern machine quilting.
Season 7
Season 6
  • Angela is back! In addition to quilting an amazing half-square triangle quilt by Monique Dillard, she's also announcing something HUGE!
  • Angela's been challenged by The Crafty Gemini to make a stash-busting tote bag. So she's stepping outside her comfort zone and up to the #MidnightStashChallenge!
  • Easy piecey! This week Angela's keepin' it fun and fresh with a mod triangles quilt that's simple to put together.
  • This week's quilt radiates piece and love. Angela uses color placement for a heart-shaped quilt that's easier to make than it looks.
  • Don't you love that feeling when you use up every bit of fabric for a quilt? Tune in as Angela blazes the path to a stash-neutral quilt that leaves no scrap behind.
  • This week, Angela gets right to machine quilting to help you finish your quilts once and for all. (Because a finished quilt is always better than a perfect quilt top!)
  • Angela shows you how to make half-square triangles two at a time for a dazzling quilt that's beaming with color.
  • On the season finale of Season 6 of the Midnight Quilt Show, follow along as Angela shares her clever take on a braided quilt pattern she created herself!
  • On the season finale of Season 6 of the Midnight Quilt Show, follow along as Angela shares her clever take on a braided quilt pattern she created herself!
Season 5
  • Angela is back for Season 5 of the Midnight Quilt Show! Today she is making the Arrows Quilt by Krystal Jakelwicz, and incorporating a little love note into her machine quilting.
  • The Walters household is eating healthy this week, but that doesn't mean Angela's quilts have to be. Today she is whipping up the Milky Way Quilt by Monique Dillard featuring Lily & Loom fabric.
  • This week Angela is preparing to host a dinner for quilters, so of course, she has to quilt up a few placemats!
  • This week's woven lattice quilt might look intricate, but it's actually perfect for beginners!
  • This week the Midnight Quilter is busy assembling Easter baskets, and a quilt, of course. See Angela demonstrate how to do a mitered border, plus how to quilt using rulers!
  • Quilting for charity can be one of the most fulfilling things you can do as a quilter.
  • Angela's got stars in her eyes this week as she pieces together the eight-pointed star Twinkling Twilight quilt by Nancy Smith.
  • In the Season 5 finale of The Midnight Quilt show, Angela is creating a modern quilt of her own design that involves a 36-patch block!
Season 4
  • She's Baaaaaack! Been itchin' for wine + stitchin'? Angela's kicking off a brand new season with a rather "puzzling" episode.
  • Don't try this on your turkey! Learn everything you ever wanted to know about basting as Angela tackles a simple four-patch design with complex sashing.
  • Does your quilting room feel like the Croatian seaside? Yeah, ours neither. But follow Angela Walters through this illusion top, and you might just find yourself on a tropical vacay.
  • This is not a drill! Angela has heard your requests loud and clear, and she's finally making the Bargello quilt that everyone's been asking for! So break out the layer cakes and prepare to get crazy with precuts.
  • WARNING: The following content depicts excessive charm square usage and may be too exciting for most quilters. In other words, Angela's ready to take on 200+ precuts, and the accompanying placement decisions.
  • Forget milk and cookies, in Angela's house, it's all about the wine and popcorn. Spend the night before Christmas piecing triangles and playing with negative space while you wait up for Santa with Angela.
  • Are you cut out for paper piecing? Join Angela and find out as she avoids ripping paper, her kids and chores to create a super cool rounded illusion, no curves required.
  • The thing about quilting is there's always room to grow, even for the midnight quilter! This episode's all about reflecting on personal growth. Well, that and how to put a modern spin on a traditional block we all know and love.
Season 3
  • Oh, the weather outside is not frightful, but the time to start to making gifts has never been more delightful!
  • Ever started a gift quilt that ended up being too good to give away? You're not the only one. Angela's second quilt ever was supposed to be for her mom, then… well, let's just say she got sidetracked. But she's making up for it with a new episode that's just for, you guessed it, Mom.
  • CAUTION: Baby quilts are a total gateway drug! Just ask Angela: she's working this cute little number up for her newborn nephew. (Think you can stop at one? Don't say we didn't warn you!)
  • What do you do when your daughter picks out a quilt that's way harder than you're used to? Well if you're like Angela, you make an episode about it! This one's all about building up the confidence to take a bite out of something new. (You can do it too!)
  • What do you get when you combine a rainbow quilt, a star quilt and a medallion quilt all into one? A fresh episode of "The Midnight Quilt Show," of course! Join Angela as she breaks down Y-seams, quilting with templates and beyond.
  • Holy scrap. Quilting can get a little messy sometimes, especially when you're busting your scrap stash. But nothing's gonna stop Angela from making room for new fabric! Feel the same? Your stitching sidekick awaits. (She's even sharing the free quilt pattern!)
  • Mistakes happen, even for the Midnight Quilter. But hey, the show must go on! Tune in to see how Angela conquers a little stitch snafu on her way to sewing a scrappy square-in-square stunner, just in time for her family reunion.
  • How do you knock out a layer-cake in no time at all? You make your half-square triangles eight at a time. (Yeah, you heard us right.) Angela's here to show you, so you can "rock out with your block out."
Season 2
Season 1
  • This four-patch variation with cornerstones is the talk of the town! Watch Angela as she plays with color and dot-to-dot quilting.
  • Believe it or not, this quilt is only made of straight seams! Watch it "unfold" as Angela conquers the Strip City pattern with Boundless blues.
  • Quilting just got better. Join Angela in her first episode as she stitches up her exclusive variable-star quilt design.
  • Rainbows come out after dark when Angela whips up a rainbow lone star quilt!
  • What happens when a rail fence meets a log cabin? Angela Walters' modern, lush batik quilt, demonstrated here!
  • Angela brings you her laurel wreath quilt, the perfect excuse to showcase your most prized scraps and highlight it all with gorgeous free-motion quilting.
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