A Day in the Life of Angela Walters
Hey there, quilters. I’m Angela Walters of the Midnight Quilt Show and True Up! As a host, wrangler of children, and an avid wine drinker, a day in my life can get pretty crazy. Here’s a peek into my routine as told through some of my Bluprint favorites.
The truth is this: My life revolves around my family. And given my busy schedule, sometimes it's hard to make time. That’s why we've started a new tradition of baking together. Below I’m sharing some kid-approved classes we've all enjoyed together.
Kid-Friendly Classes
Shanynn will show you fun kid food hacks to make any snack more exciting. From hot chocolate to food pranks, and even a unicorn-inspired breakfast, you are sure to have some fun in the kitchen!
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Who says kids don’t belong in the kitchen? In this four-part cooking class, award-winning teen chef Amber Kelley empowers kids to take charge in the kitchen and — with a little help from their parents — cook fresh, tasty meals. From shopping for ingredients to prepping, cooking and plating, Amber equips them with the skills and know-how they need to become confident young chefs.
Amber  Kelley
with Amber Kelley
Up your cupcake game with deliciously detailed toppings for awe-inspiring, towering treats.
Jennifer Shea
with Jennifer Shea
Even though the quilting usually waits until midnight, the inspiration starts early! Mid-morning, I research fabrics, patterns, and tap into tips like these to find my flow.
Time to Get To Work
Take your machine quilting skills in new directions as Ann Petersen teaches you 17 quilting designs that will add richness to your free-motion work.
Ann Petersen
with Ann Petersen
Take the guesswork out of finishing your quilts with practical tools and techniques.
Kelly Ashton
with Kelly Ashton
Combine your walking foot and free-motion quilting to create stunning geometric designs.
Christina Cameli
with Christina Cameli
Discover the secret to faster, more accurate piecing.
Marti  Michell
with Marti Michell
Lunch is best paired with laughter, right? And there’s nobody I’d rather share a meal with than my girlfriends-in-quilting, Tula Pink and Christa Watson. Guess what? You can spend an afternoon with them, too, right on Bluprint!
Tula has been a long time friend and inspiration to me. In this episode of True Up - get a look into my goofy relationship with her!
Take the next steps in your quilting journey and piece a beautiful throw-size quilt.Not only is Christa Watson a wiz with variable stars, she’s an excellent teacher (and an absolute blast, to boot!). Are you a beginner? Don't miss her latest Startup Project in which she makes a stunning Starry Path quilt.
When I’m indulging in a little me time (hey, it doesn't happen often), I like to work my creativity in new ways. Lately, that’s been crocheting. Wanna give it a try?
Crochet Time for Me
Everything you need to get started with crochet, plus four fun projects to practice your stitches.
Salena Baca
with Salena Baca
Build your skills as you master one of the most popular stitch patterns — the ripple stitch.
Kim Werker
with Kim Werker
Tackle the iconic granny stitch and granny square as you create a stylish hooded vest.
Tamara  Kelly
with Tamara Kelly
Combine the best of two needlecrafts to create three cozy accessories that look like they’re knit – all using a single crochet hook!
Brittany of B.hooked Crochet
with Brittany of B.hooked Crochet
If it wasn't obvious already, my day is pretty packed! Here are some Bluprint picks I’ve been itching to get to when that long-awaited free time kicks in.
My Wish List
Incorporate a daily sketching routine into your busy 21st-century life.
Suma CM
with Suma CM
Learn the basics of digital photography and transform your photos from good to great.
Chris Grey
with Chris Grey
Master over 10 classic and contemporary pasta dishes that please any palate.
Scott Conant
with Scott Conant
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