Acrylic Paint Projects
  • Meet your instructor, artist and author Peter John Reid. Peter begins the lesson by showing a whole new way to look at trees. You'll see detailed examples of how trunks, branches and canopies vary between species. In addition, Peter shares his tips and tricks for capturing the unique character of each tree.
  • Finally, apply the techniques you've learned to create a larger composition on canvas. Michele shows you how the inks, mediums and application methods all work together to form a stunning abstract piece.
  • Jump into your first project as Sharlena helps you select a reference photo that will set you up for success. You'll learn how to rough in your sketch before creating a wash to lay in a base color for your work. Additionally, Sharlena shares valuable tips for making all of your works turn out exactly the way you want them to look.
Immortalize your pet with the portrait they deserve. Grab your acrylics!
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