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For kids who want to sew — but may not be ready for a sharp needle or complex sewing machine — this personalized piece of wall decor is a great starter project. Not only will they be proud to gift it or hang it in their room, but working the stitches helps them practice an even, repeating pattern that builds fine motor skills. It's a win all around!
Sherri Sylvester
Grab those plain T-shirts lying around the house and give 'em a cute upgrade. These butterflies as super easy to make, so the kids can get in on the fun, too!
Pizza's a win no matter what, but when you want to up the fun factor, turn your food into a friend! All you have to do is shape your dough and arrange your toppings to make these cute critter faces.
There's something extra special about seeing glitter on a card, and it's easy to give any paper craft an actual touch of sparkle. If your glitter stash has run out, don't worry — making your own is fast and fun, and there's a good chance you already have everything you need right in your kitchen.
Victoria Hudgins
These DreamWorks Trolls cookies make us as happy as Poppy is... literally all the time. Even grumpy Branch looks adorable in cookie form! So round up the kids and whip up a batch of these easy-to-make cookies — then press play on one of the greatest films!
Here's the thing: when a project glows in the dark, it's just that much cooler. Whether you're a baker, paper crafter or embroiderer, there are so many ways you can take your projects to a new (glow-in-the-dark) level.
Whether it's rainy, snowy or just a plain 'ol Tuesday, you don't need an open fire to make gooey s'mores goodness. In fact, you don't even need an oven — these no-bake bars can be made completely indoors as an easy family treat.
Nicole Weston
If you're not sure what creative pursuit to try next, simply look to the stars. Believe it or not, astrology can help you find a new hobby that perfectly fits your personality. Find your sign below and get ready to try something new!
Yes, it is possible to make Pop Rocks, the famously fizzy candy, right in your own kitchen. No, you don't need any special equipment or a science degree. This at-home version of the classic candy attains its magical fizz through a combination of citric acid and baking soda. Time for a fun kitchen experiment!
Jessie Oleson Moore
Gift tags are a great way to let kids put a handmade touch on their Mother's Day present. (Not to mention they save you a trip to the store.) But don't reserve this project for once a year — the whole fam can make a bunch to keep on hand for graduations, birthdays and holidays, so they're always ready for a special occasion!
Giova Brusa
Take advantage of long summer days with an easy project that'll keep the kiddos entertained — not to mention teach 'em a little somethin' somethin' about sunlight. All it requires is a bit of patience and a burst of creative mojo.
Victoria Hudgins
Every get-together needs a burst of color to liven things up, and that's exactly what these color-packed cake pops are for! They couldn't be easier to make, either: there's no sculpting or shaping required, and you can create the rainbow effect with just a handful of candies.
Let's be real: you don't have to be a kid to love coloring. Adult coloring books are super popular for good reason — not only do you have a beautiful piece of art when you're finished, but a 2017 study found that coloring reduces stress and anxiety while encouraging perseverance.
Jessie Oleson Moore
Handmade cards are lovely, but why stop there when you can DIY the envelope, too? Fabric envelopes are super cute, resuable and so much more personal than their store-bought cousins. Not to mention they're a genius way to use fabric scraps left over from your latest project. Slip in a small gift, an extra-special photo or, obviously, a card that truly sends a heartfelt message.
Gift giving for kids can be tough — especially when you want your present to stand out amongst the crowd! With these DIYs, you'll do just that.
If your thumb is more crafty than green, then you’ve come to just the right place! Molded, painted, stitched, and more … these projects will give you your cactus fill, without ever needing to go near an actual plant.
If you love to sew, it's only natural that you want to pass along that enthusiasm to your kids or grandkids. After, all there are so many fun projects you can tackle together! As soon as you have your specific creation in mind, these are the tips you'll want to keep in mind to make sure it's an exciting, positive experience for everyone.
Maris Olsen
If there are little aspiring sewists hanging out at home, we've got great news: there are plenty of projects for them to stitch! Pick your pattern, help 'em through the steps and work through each activity at a pace that works for them. Before you know it, you'll be crafting masterpieces left and right!
Dining al fresco is one of the best parts of summer — especially when everyone shares the job of cooking. Just throw down some blankets, chill the wine, and ask your friends to bring their fave dish. And if you need ideas... we've got 'em:
Bunnies, eggs, springtime — it's time to bust out all things Easter. Whether you're more of a traditionalist or like to mix up your craft style, these cute projects offer something for everyone. Hop to it!
If your little’s room could use a little tune-up, look no further. These five kids’ rooms are loaded with one-of-a-kind-ness and imagination — just like kids themselves.
Shelby Deering
Rainbows, rainbows everywhere — and all of them you can make! Bust out your favorite crafting supplies and catch the colors all weekend with these fun projects.
Confession time: We LIVE for Pokémon Go. Next time you go hunting for shiny Pokémon, make sure you stash PokéBalls in your bag. These delicious cake pops will make you be the very best (wink wink) in no time.
Kris Galicia Brown
The big game definitely deserves an awesome cake! (Especially for those of us who are slightly more interested in the snacks than the actual sports.) And this one is so easy, you're basically guaranteed a win.
Erin Gardner
If you like big books and you cannot lie, then you need to get your hands on this fat-tasseled, fringe-covered bookmark, stat. The faux leather material feels luxe (while also being totally vegan-friendly), and a sweet, gold foil monogram makes it extra personal.
Alison Caporimo
Even if you're a cake novice, don't fret: this cute holiday penguin cake is not as difficult as it looks. In fact, it's the perfect project to wow your fam and explore basic sculpting and piping skills. All it takes is a little bit of pract-ice. (Ice, because it's a penguin — get it?)
These gingerbread house cookies are fun to bake, decorate, gift ... and SO much easier to eat than their 3D counterparts. (Gotta love that in late December!)
Felicity and Krystle
Forget the pressure of decorating a last-minute cake. Instead, play it cool by making a crisp white cake and helping your kids doodle some fun illustrations and heartfelt messages across it!
Felicity and Krystle
Heads up: macrame definitely shouldn't be reserved for wall hangings. These crafty keychains are so easy to make, you'll be able to finish a bunch in a single afternoon. Gifting problems, solved.
If you've nailed basic cut-and-glue, you can make adorable geometric stockings for the mantel in no time flat.
Betcha didn’t know soap could be this gorgeous. It kind of looks like an artsy rainbow on a cloudy day, right? Even if you’ve never made your own soap before, this method is extremely beginner-friendly — all you need is a handful of supplies and a little bit of patience.
There are a million ways to make a menorah, but this one has become a fast favorite. All you need is a few cans of spray paint, a handful of washers and a bunch of PVC. Let's get stacking!
This sweet, simple project checks all the boxes for a perfect holiday gift: festive, personalized and something they'll actually use.Plus, it's so easy to make you can whip up enough for all your friends and family.
Put your passion for cake right on your wrist. With this DIY tutorial, your crafting life will officially be sweeter than ever.
Maybe you want to make a keepsake throw pillow, dress your table with dinner napkins full of vintage snaps or make your own fabric photo postcards to send via snail mail. Whatever the reason, we're here to teach you the tricks.
Lindsay Conner
If you're one of those knitters who can't bear to part with yarn leftovers, there's good news: this fiber-friendly tree decor will give those scraps a purpose! You just need to master the technique for one garland and one ornament — both of which are super easy — and you'll have an adorable yarn-laden holiday statement piece.
Kimberly Stoney
Your kiddos likely have a few asks out to Santa already, but these eight winners are definitely deserving of a spot under the tree. They’ll love that they’re fun and new, and you’ll love that they encourage creativity all year long.
Liz Callahan Schnabolk
If your kiddos love animals, this is the perfect way to light up their creativity (and their room!) This DIY lamp is incredibly simple to make, and you can customize it with your child's favorite critters and color.
Cake or pie? We say, both! This dessert mashup has it all — the deliciousness of cake with the fancy lattice look of pie.
No cookie cutter kid's art here! This letter art project is the perfect way to get those creative juices flowing: You help them with the basic setup, and then the kids can totally take it from there.
Sara Barnes
The holidays are the ultimate excuse to dress your family in matching pajamas. These monogrammed PJs keep your whole fam cozy in style, and they're super easy to embroider — hello, perfect holiday gift!
Jodie Rackley
There's no better way to refresh a boring pair of jeans than with a burst of rainbow color on the back pocket. Whether you make these for kids or sport a pair yourself is totally up to you — all we know is life's about to get a whole lot brighter!
A cute keychain is the perfect way to add a little flair to something you use every day. Even better: Make it yourself! This painted leather tassel created by Courtney Pilgrim of My Friend Court is perfect for rounding up your keys, hanging off a backpack, or even gifting to friends.
Courtney Pilgrim
Gingerbread houses are way too much fun to save for just once a year. So we've traded in our candy canes for cobwebs with this oh-so-spooky version. Come closer and have a bite... if you dare.
Boo! Who's hungry? We are almost unable to handle the cuteness of this colorful ghost candy bark. And it's so easy to make, you literally can't mess it up.
When I first moved to Madison, Wisconsin, one of the biggest thrills was living within eyeshot of the largest producers-only farmer's market in the United States. The Dane County Farmer's Market is a foodie wonderland, with stalls upon stalls of locally raised goodies encircling the Capitol Square. My now-husband and I would often roll out of bed, zip up coats over our flannel pajamas, and walk still-sleepy to the market to pick up the ingredients for our Saturday night meal.
Shelby Deering
If you have two T-shirts and a pair of scissors, you're less than an hour away from finishing this adorable embroidered shirt. And while it's great for kids — they can totally help make it — you may just want one for yourself, too.
A kid's room should be their personal creativity canvas — a place to spotlight their unique personalities and hobbies. And what's the boldest way to do just that? A mural that takes up a WHOLE WALL.
Shelby Deering
If you spend any time online (or with a 6-year-old) you've probably seen one, two or twenty slime-making videos. The inedible stuff is made by combining different ratios of glue, water and boric acid (Borax or contact lens solution). It's sticky, gross and plenty of fun to play with! But — until now — it definitely wasn't something you'd want to eat. Allow us to introduce the next generation in slime.
Erin Gardner
Edible blood. Yep, it's gross. And it's totally a thing for halloween. Thanks to our fiendishly easy recipe, you can scare your friends and creep out your fam in a splash. Style tip: It looks even more sinister on simple baked goods that would otherwise appear harmless. 
Erin Gardner
Give plain fabric book covers (handmade or purchased) a whole new life with these easy upgrades. Even if your sewing skills are beginner-level, these tricks are simple and quick enough to make a perfect after-school project.
Sherri Sylvester
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