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Bold, funky colors and a modern, geometric design makes pure magic on your walls. This easy washi tape accent creates a cool focal point you can customize to suit any space.
Spoiler: you don't need a big yard to grow your dream garden. With some strategic planning, you can create a green oasis no matter how small your space.
If you wanna grow your own veggies but tend to be, err, super impatient, there's good news: you don't have to wait all summer to score homegrown greens. These fast-growing vegetables can be harvested in less than two months, so you'll have fresh grub in no time.
Melissa Willis
Year-round vegetable gardening is totally possible — especially if you grow some of your goods indoors. These veggies thrive when they stay inside, so make some room in your kitchen and get ready for fresh, home-grown meals on the regular.
Ramon Gonzalez
If you're working with a partial shade garden, you're in luck: there are so many vines that not only grow, but thrive in these shady spots. Take your pick and get to planting.
Teresa O'Connor
Succulents: they're the beautiful, versatile, oh-so-trendy plant that helps your home look straight-outta-Pinterest. But you don't have to spend tons of cash collecting these sweet plants in every shape and color. With these methods, you can replant parts of your existing succulents to propagate and grow new ones. Let that garden grow!
Meredith Skyer
You don’t need a lot of room — or even a seasoned green thumb — to create a dreamy green space. A DIY terrarium lets you create an entire garden, or even a whole mini ecosystem, within the walls of a glass container. Plus, it’s super easy to make and care for. Triple win!
Meredith Skyer
If you're looking for an easy way to add color and flavor to your salads, cookies and cakes, look no further than your garden. There are more edible flowers out there than you might think, and you may already have a few growing in your own backyard. Pick 'em, clean 'em and get ready for some colorful munching.
Chelsea Fuss
Add a little more love to your home — literally. This table runner is perfect for Valentine's Day, and it features the best of sewing, quilting and machine appliqué so all your skills get put to good use.
Christa Watson
Whether you're hosting a whole crew of friends or simply serving your favorite dishes for a relaxing night in, there's nothing cuter than setting said meals on top of trivets that totally speak to your personality. These pig's head and lamb's tongue designs from our Maker Knows Best series are easy to make using basic punch needle techniques. Grab the templates, thread your needle and start punching!
Whether you're in the throes of the holiday season or Christmas has come and gone, there's nothing cuter than a monochromatic DIY to keep the festive spirit alive. Making a wreath out of fuzzy pom-poms adds warmth and texture to your space, making it an ultra cozy place to unwind. Pair different yarns and use up those leftovers from holiday gifts, then say hello to your new favorite piece of decor.
Andrea Sanchez
We may be a bit biased, but that homemade pumpkin spice latte seems to taste so much better — and is way more photogenic — when it's resting on top of a festive mug rug. This stacked presents pattern is perfect for Christmas, but you could easily swap out the red and green fabric for colors better suited to Hanukkah, a birthday, or any other occasion worth celebrating. Talk about versatility!
Diane Knott
Decorating for the holidays is fun, but it's even better when you get to hang up your handmade knits! Grab your needles and kickstart the season with these projects you can display each year.
Ashley Little
Let the countdown to Christmas begin! Advent calendars are a fun holiday tradition made even better when you make one yourself. Use these patterns to stitch some holiday cheer the whole fam can take part in.
Lindsay Conner
Every gardener knows spring is the busy season for planting, but you can save a ton of time by doing some of it in the fall. One of the season's easiest veggies to grow: garlic.
Meredith Skyer
This Thanksgiving, we're bringing a cornucopia of quilting patterns. These festive home decor projects are just what you need to wow your Turkey Day guests.
Angela Mitchell
Who says jack-o'-lanterns have to be spooky? This Halloween, show off your yarn love and carve a crafty pumpkin.
Nicole Weston
The days are getting shorter and the weather's cooling down, which can only mean one thing — it's time to deck out your home in all. the. fall. decorations. We're talking pumpkins, decorative gourds and pretty much anything yellow and orange. No matter your craft, we can guarantee there's a perfect fall decor project for you.
Christmas is the perfect time to show off your making skills, no matter what your craft. And while we love showing off scrappy, made-by-hand ornaments, the rest of the tree is also prime for DIY. Here are just a few creative ideas that'll have each branch looking extra jolly.
We’re majorly crushing on all things succulent these days! Whether you’re looking for a cool way to display the real deal or just want to make a fun craft (hey, some of us have black thumbs and that's a-OK), these DIY ideas will instantly upgrade you to plant lady status.
No Saturday morning is complete without a cozy, handmade afghan to keep you warm. Add coffee (or tea!) and a little stitching, and your weekend vibe is complete. These picks are as much fun to make as they are to snuggle with.
You can’t grow greens without having the right gear. And sure, some are no-brainers (where would your garden be without a shovel? Or sturdy gloves?). But there are a handful of other tools you might not have thought of that will instantly raise your gardening game and make life so much easier.
If your little’s room could use a little tune-up, look no further. These five kids’ rooms are loaded with one-of-a-kind-ness and imagination — just like kids themselves.
Shelby Deering
There’s a lot to love about giant yarn. It’s super cozy, knits up really fast and has to-die-for texture. Which is why it's perfect for making a throw pillow. Plus, there are no needles required for this project — you just knit the super-sized material on your fingers.
Anja Johnson
Inspired by the signature pieces from Anna VonRosenstiel of Carter & Rose, these clay planters are an instant upgrade for all your favorite little air plants. Keep this project manageable by using oven-bake clay — no kilns required!
Anna Ghublikian
Block printing, which is sometimes referred to as stamp printing, is one of the most incredibly satisfying crafts you can tackle. After all, once it's done you'll have a totally customized fabric in your hands. Use it to make pillow covers, curtains, bags — or just hang that baby up as cool piece of wall art. The options really are endless, and no matter what you do, that project will look super original. Rock on!
Marni Weaver
Making a set of bold, colorful trays is a great way to add a pop of fresh energy to your coffee table. And with this DIY, it's super affordable. Get ready to get organized in style!
Amy Palanjian
We're firm believers that marble makes everything look more elegant. So why not add a touch of the iconic stone to your vanity or bedside table with a little jewelry dish? The gold rim and blush-and-white color combo is a minimalist’s dream. Plus, you'll never waste time hunting around for your rings again!
Alison Caporimo
Anna Von Rosenstiel, the owner of Portland’s beloved Carter & Rose, has always had a creative streak. As a child, she’d spend hours playing with scrap wood and glue in her father’s wood shop.
Wendy Rose Gould
No need to spend big bucks decking out the tree this year — just raid your craft stash to create these festive handmade ornaments.
There are a million ways to make a menorah, but this one has become a fast favorite. All you need is a few cans of spray paint, a handful of washers and a bunch of PVC. Let's get stacking!
Talk about a breath of inspiration: these super-fun ornaments came from humble beginnings. That's right — they started as leftover toothpaste packaging! Here's how to to turn that ho-hum household good into sparkly decor that's worthy of a standout spot on your tree.
This sweet, simple project checks all the boxes for a perfect holiday gift: festive, personalized and something they'll actually use.Plus, it's so easy to make you can whip up enough for all your friends and family.
Moving in with your significant other is a big deal. For us, it required many conversations, some back-and-forthing, an acknowledged relinquishment of our existing beloved spaces, and a full-blown commitment to making the whole “living together” thing work.
Wendy Rose Gould
This wreath throws all the rules out the window — and that's why I love it. Instead of pine, try fragrant eucalyptus. Instead of predictable pine cones, go rich and romantic with peonies (don't worry, they're fake). And best of all, this DIY shakes it up shape-wise with a totally modern triangle.
Alison Caporimo
When the weather turns colder, you might have to bring your green babies in from your garden and transplant them into pots. Or maybe you just love weaving plants into your home decor year-round. Either way, these six instagrammers are here for you with awesome DIY ideas you'll want to try asap.
Shelby Deering
We love a good pom-pom fringe, especially when it's peeking out from under your holiday gifts. We've got all the info you need to craft up this easy tree skirt right here!
If you're one of those knitters who can't bear to part with yarn leftovers, there's good news: this fiber-friendly tree decor will give those scraps a purpose! You just need to master the technique for one garland and one ornament — both of which are super easy — and you'll have an adorable yarn-laden holiday statement piece.
Kimberly Stoney
Make your holiday home decor fresh in the most literal sense. Carly Cylinder, star of The Flower Kitchen, is here to show you how to craft a fresh-flower wreath just in time for the holidays.
Not all wreaths have to be round. Case in point: this natural beauty. It's minimalist, bohemian and oh-so-festive.
If your kiddos love animals, this is the perfect way to light up their creativity (and their room!) This DIY lamp is incredibly simple to make, and you can customize it with your child's favorite critters and color.
There's no need to get away when every day's a staycation in a tropical destination. Even if you aren't swimming in sweet humidity, per se, you can still turn your home into a relaxing jungle paradise by making some room for these exotic house plants.
Sammy Blair
That green thumb of yours says a whole lot more than just "I'm good with plants." The potted companions you pick can actually hold the secrets to your personality, revealing whether you're a carefree spirit or more of a private type. Find your favorite greenery below and see what the leaves have to say about you.
Sammy Blair
Most of us have a sense of what colors we prefer, and can even name a favorite or two. But when it comes to floral decor, there’s a whole lot more to creating a gorgeous color scheme than just pointing to the hues you like best.
Elizabeth Ellis
Flowers in the hair: check! Flowers on the tables: check! But isn’t there more we can do? If you’re asking us, the world needs way more wedding flowers. So deck the walls, hang them from the ceiling and pop them on your pets! Here are some new ways to infuse the joy that only those beautiful blossoms can bring.
Alexis Methven
Pro floral arrangements might look like complex, intricately crafted works of art, but if you know the right techniques they're much easier than you’d think. Carly Cylinder from The Flower Kitchen is here to give us some pointers just in time for party season.
We love a good mashup, and this fall wreath/chalkboard is no exception. It's easy to make from a repurposed picture frame, and it brings that cozy vibe we're all craving hard right now. Think of it as a pumpkin spice latte for your walls.
Orange pumpkins will always hold a special place in our hearts, but we're ready for something a little more original. These faux-marbled pumpkins totally do the job, and they're incredibly fun to make. Get in there and play around with your color scheme to make a Halloween palette that's 100 percent fresh.
Get ready to go small or go home. Ever since Chip and Joanna Gaines brought their modern farmhouse style to a dollhouse, the world of tiny home decor has been blowing up on social media. These insanely skilled makers are filling dollhouses with everything from furniture to artwork to hand-woven rugs that you’d SWEAR are right out of a West Elm catalog. Follow these 5 miniature accounts on Instagram — you’re going to wish you could move right in.
Liz Callahan Schnabolk
Carving pumpkins? Tons of fun and certainly time-honored. But there are so many gorgeous ways to doll up the humble gourd, why settle for what you've always done? These pumpkin pros broke out the Mod Podge, craft paint, faux pumpkins and even real plants to level up this year's crop. Get ready for some serious fall feels!
Shelby Deering
Ceilings are getting some serious design love these days! Abandoning boring-old-white, homeowners are going big and bold with this so-called “fifth wall.” (Pinterest even named “statement ceilings” one of their home trends to watch for this year, since saves are up over 310%.) Just look up and you might see crazy-cool wallpaper, a surprising pop of color or even beams installed in an interesting pattern. We asked the pros for their dos and don’ts on this trend, so check out their tips before you climb up that ladder.
Liz Callahan Schnabolk
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