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For many woodworkers, Claro walnut is the connoisseur’s walnut — and it's easy to see why. Claro is a medley of subtle intermixed colors — browns, reds, black, purple, yellows — and beautiful figure.
Rob Porcaro
Finishing is possibly the most gratifying part of any woodworking project — and potentially the most stressful. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into what you're making, and the pressure to get the finishing touches just right can be intense.
Wilbur Pan
The way two pieces of wood fit together is a thing of beauty — and a great way to spot a quality piece of furniture. So nailing dovetail joints is a must when you're looking to up your woodworking game.
Rob Porcaro
Think about the last time you looked at a basic wooden picture frame and thought, "That thing is perfect!" Never? Yeah, probably never.
Chris Wong
A good woodworker knows dozens of different types of joinery. The hard part is knowing what to use, and when.
Kate Taylor
A while back, we looked at how a bandsaw can affect how you use and design with wood. If that didn't inspire you to buy one, this guide to choosing a bandsaw for a small woodshop should do the job.
Rob Porcaro
It doesn't take much time or money to make an edge grain (edge grain = just the edge strip of the wood, like the side of a 2 x 4) cutting board yourself. Plus they make awesome gifts for just about anyone old enough to be trusted with a knife.
Mitch Roberson
Old-world hand crafting comes naturally to Anna Warren and Sarah Kirkham, whose brand, Tactile Craftworks, is known for gorgeously embossed and tooled leather pieces. But you might be surprised to learn that digital technology is essential to everything they do and make. Working with the Dremel DigiLab digital laser-cutting tool, the pair has found a sweet spot between handcraft and high-tech — and built a successful business in the process.
Suddenly succulents are everywhere, and so are planters that give them a happy home. No surprise, since succulents are so easy to take care of, don’t need much water, and will grow in the tiniest of openings.
Mitch Roberson
Learning how to use food-safe finishes is a must for woodworkers, whether you're creating a dining table, a cutting board, or even just a decorative object. That's because many finishes contain toxic drying agents, not to mention that many people are sensitive to chemicals.
Patrick Harper
Handsaws: the most iconic, and yes, hardworking of the woodworking tools. But sometimes it seems like there are as many kinds of saws as there are teeth on the things. Let's narrow it down a bit to the most useful ones you'll encounter.
Rob Porcaro
For clean and accurate wood cuts, you've gotta have the right drilling tools. Here's a rough sketch of some items to have handy in your woodworking studio as you start tackling basic projects.
Rob Porcaro
Her Instagram feed is a wall of wood, tattoos, carvings and the occasional bloody finger. Her Twitter bio reads: Chainsaw artist seeking a life of travel, freedom and inspiration. When she's not working in the workshop, professional chainsaw artist Griffon Ramsey is a big-time influencer who shakes up assumptions about women artists and the world of wood-carving. Her art is definitely not about happy wooden bears lingering at tourist traps — though she does have a magical story about a roadside attraction.
Lisa Shroyer
One size does not fit all when it comes to wood glue, and you'll need to know how to sift through the pile of options out there and choose the right one for your project. Here we''ll break down five popular choices, and when to use them.
Wilbur Pan
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