Animal Embroidery Projects
  • Embroidery is something that anyone can learn — it's easy, affordable and you can do it almost anywhere! In this kids' beginner class, explore embroidery basics alongside expert Jessica Long. Learn five foundational stitches as Jessica helps you create a magical narwhal design that you can hang on your wall or give as a gift.
    Jessica  Long
    Jessica Long
  • Create the cutest stuffed fox ever in your hoop, and learn Sue's tips for cutting jump stitches and hand stitching.
  • Begin embroidering the first half of your owl pot holder project, incorporating details such as heat-resistant batting and fun ribbon feet!
  • Stuffed animals are always adorable. Sara shows how easy it can be to create your own stuffed animals in the hoop.
  • Now that you've made your first boho-style hoop, move on to your next project: a bold, beautiful bird. See how to overlap fabrics, add more embroidery stitches, including the wheatear stitch, and experiment with some fun embellishments.
  • Sara will share her tips on creating a beautiful butterfly embroidery that gets framed and gives a shadow box effect.
  • Sara is going to show you that embellishing your kids' hoodies can be a lot of fun. She will show you how to add a baby dino split appliqué design to your child's hoodie.
  • You'll make a bold contemporary pillow as you learn raw edge techniques, adding a contrasting band and border and envelope-style pillow back.
  • This quilted, embroidered pot holder is created completely in the hoop and Sara will show you how easy it is to quilt and embroider all in one easy project.
  • Kids will jump up and down for this adorable Easter Bunny candy holder. Created in the hoop, this embroidered holder is the perfect gift for any Easter basket.
  • We have NEVER seen anything cuter than these DIY felt owls. They're the perfect holiday project for gift giving, stocking stuffing or hanging on your tree. We're about to make a whole flock!
    Jodie Rackley
Needle (or thread) painting is a truly artful way to embroider. Use this technique to create an adorable bear cub.
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