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Step-by-step guidance on projects at every skill level.
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Get technique refreshers and quick fixes for common mistakes.
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Chain Blocks
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What does my streaming subscription include?

You get unlimited access to thousands of creative classes taught by experts – from knitting to embroidery to cake decorating, and everything in between. You also get access to patterns, recipes, articles, and special discounts on supplies from our shop.

What's a Starter Box?

A Starter Box includes all the supplies you need to nail your first project in a new craft. It pairs perfectly with our beginner classes, so you get step-by-step guidance. Get one for $20 (up to $175 value) when you sign up for an annual streaming subscription.

Can I buy supplies?

Yes! Our shop has the supplies, tools and kits you need to tackle to your next project. Plus, If you sign up for an annual streaming subscription, you'll get free US shipping on all orders.

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