Artisan Bread
It's true -- you can make sublime baguettes and bâtards (essentially, big baguettes) at home, as well as crunchy rolls and elegant pain d'epi, which are loaves that are shaped like stalks of wheat. It's all in the shaping, stretching, cutting and folding. Zoë walks you through each step as you create show-stopping loaves.
Create tender, flavorful focaccia and flatbreads from around the world, and find out why these breads are a must-add to your cooking repertoire.
Meredith Deeds
Meredith Deeds
Nothing lures guests to the dinner table like an overflowing basket of homemade rolls! Here, learn how to make Yukon Gold potato rolls, super-seed dinner rolls and fresh popovers. Plus whip up luscious honey butter to top them all off.
Bake another sandwich favorite: pita. Discover how and when to use an autolyse step; plus you'll learn hand-mixing and shaping techniques. Richard will explain the proper oven conditions for creating the pita pocket, plus how to create a delicious spelt pita.
Half bread, half dessert … our version of chocolate babka adds coconut to the traditional recipe. And man is it good!
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